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See the biggest furniture collection in the world!


If you are a fan of the House of Habsburg, the Viennese Modern movement or just Maria Theresa herself - then you’re in for a treat at the Möbel Museum in Vienna! The Hofmobiliendepot Imperial Furniture Collection is one of the biggest collections of its kind in the world, with over 165,000 objects, including a variety of pieces from Emperor Franz’s bedroom, a vintage table from the Palace Ephrussi, the wheelchair of Empress Elisabeth and many more that reflect the dynasties day-to-day life.

Thanks to the Empress Maria Theresa, who established a furniture depository back in 1747, the exhibition now holds more than 6,500 items on display. The large variety of pieces exhibited at the fantastic Möbel Museum, is guaranteed to take you on a journey spanning across three decades and illustrate the evolving furnishing styles fancied by the likes of Prince Eugene of Savoy - from Biedermeier, Historicism to the Viennese Modern movement throughout your visit. It's also important to the note that the furniture items displayed in this incredible collection have all been used to furnish the luxurious Schönbrunn Palace, the world famous Belvedere Palace, the Linz castle and many other imperial residences owned by the Habsburgs.

Visit the Möbel museum in Vienna, take a step back in history and walk the rooms that the the royals once called their home. For a glimpse of the collection and its incredible history download the guide on the CloudGuide App.

The MAK takes you on a walk through Klimt's Magic Garden!


What do you get when you take Gustav Klimt’s works and give them to an expert 3D digital artist? Well in order for you to find the answer to that question, you should definitely check out the current temporary exhibition at the Museum of Applied Arts now on display till April 22nd in Vienna!

The MAK is currently launching an innovative virtual exhibition to mark the 100th anniversary of Klimt’s death, one of the greatest artists of all time, entitled Klimt’s Magic Garden. Renowned filmmaker, Frederick Baker uses digital photography to take the visitor ‘inside’ Klimt’s work, by re-staging Klimt’s nine-part cartoons into an evoking virtual reality experience. This exhibition will have every visitor delve into a virtual garden landscape, inspired by the Austrian Lake District, where Klimt spent his summers and drew much of his inspiration for his work. Baker has succeeded in taking Klimt’s two-dimensional designs and transforming them into a three-dimensional space, showing how technological advances can be used in new museum concepts. These works originate from the mosaic frieze in the dining room of the Stoclet House, which currently stands as one of the most outstanding achievements in art from the beginning of the 20th century. Klimt’s cartoons for the frieze in the dining room, each roughly one by two meters, were created by applying gold and platinum leaf to tracing paper, blending delicately into the decor of this town house.

If this quick look into the outsanding exhibition doesnt make you want to visit it for yourself, we dont know what else will! Take a look at our app to uncover more about Klimt’s Magic Garden, and discover out how the MAK continue its intensive exploration in digital modernity, by once more creating a relationship between the past and the present.

See the world through the eyes of the artists of the Biennial of the Possible image at the Boverie!


We have some exciting new additions for you this February! So before the temperatures rises and our desire to spend outdoors takes over, its best to make the most of it and take this opportunity to enjoy some indoor time at La Boverie! La Boverie in Liège, Belgium is hosting the 12th Biennial of the Possible Image. Created in 1997, The BIP is a festival that questions the nature of images and relations we have to them. This year, the exhibition is dubbed “Fluo Noir.” But the Biennale de l’Image Possible is not your ordinary photography exhibition. Go to the CloudGuide App to find out why!

Today, The Biennial presents inspiring artists who sought to transform the chaotic state of the world we live into something beautiful and joyful as opposed to just criticising it. Although the artists can’t come up with the solution to some of the world’s biggest problems, they sure can take these disastrous situations and turn them into something magnificient. The message of the 12th anniversary Biennial is clear - instead of hiding from our realities, we should fully embrace them.

The exhibition “Fluo Noir” at la Boverie is open until April, make sure you check it out!

Double the fun at the MACBA this month!


The Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona in the heart of the Raval neighborhood is currently hosting two exciting exhibitions that we know you’ll love. Since its opening in 1995, the MACBA continues to showcase some of the most talked-about exhibitions, placing it at the forefront of the art system in Catalonia and also confirming Barcelona’s reputation as a capital of world art.

The MACBA recently opened its doors to the great Rosemarie Castoro, whose exhibition, Focus at Finity, will be featured at the museum till mid-April. The exhibition showcases 250 of Castoro’s works, many of which have never been exhibited before. It shows her amazing contributions in the area of painting, language, performance and additionally gives an insight on how some key figures of Minimalism, a large majority of whom are women artists, have not received the recognition they deserved. For a glimpse of the exhibition, download the CloudGuide guide and head over to the MACBA to see the amazing works of this ‘paintersculptor’, as Castoro, the native New Yorker, calls herself.

But MACBA’s got more in store for you this month! The monographic exhibition Brossa Poetry, features the incredible work of Joan Brossa, with more than 800 pieces showcasing some of his earliest works in his books to his final visual experiments. Although Brossa was primarily known for his poetry, this exhibition also illustrates the influence he had in regards to theatre, cinema and action art, going beyond poetry, Brossa always brought visual and performance arts into his writtings. To see his works come to life, with amazing live performances, visit the MACBA. For more info download the guide from our App! And hurry up, the exhibitions runs until february 25th!

More exciting exhibitions at the BOZAR this month!


The BOZAR Museum in Brussels is entering the month of February with some exciting new additions! The recently opened exhibition on Dirk Braeckman is set to inspire visitors by showing how a grey-scaled photograph can transfer the feelings of intimacy onto its admirers. Dirk Braeckman is one of the most prominent Belgian photographer's of his generation. His current display at the BOZAR comes at the heels of his success at the 57th Biennale di Venezia where the exhibition was met with outstanding reviews.

In the world where technology is accessible and photos can be taken by anyone - its harder than ever to stand out from the crowd. But the thing that has made Braeckman’s photos so special all this time, is the ability to evoke emotions and making the visitors themselves feel like more than just observers. The Ghent-based artist developed a visual language of his own, using analogue techniques and challenging the rules of photography. “In a way I work against the medium and do the opposite of what photography is originally meant for.” His black-and-white photographs, developed many years after they've been shot, are intimate, private and give out a sense of darkness, as the meaning behind some of these magnificent pieces has yet to be uncovered. Go to our app and delve into the moody world of his photographs as our guide will take you behind the scenes to uncover remarkable facts about this photography giant.

His exhibition at the BOZAR, the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels runs until April 29th, be sure to check it out!

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