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CloudGuide is an official Digital Partner of #MuseumWeek 2019!


If you are a museum enthusiast like us, you’ll be pleased to know about our digital partnership this year with #MuseumWeek, the worlds biggest social media event around cultural institutions. Last year more than 5000 cultural institutions across 120 countries took part in the initiative, and 2019 is looking even better!

Thousands of museums, galleries, science centers and cultural institutions worldwide are invited to celebrate culture over 7 days, 7 themes, 7 hashtags between May 13th – May 19th 2019. This is a fantastic opportunity for institutions to organize special events online and/or offline in order to engage their visitors in fun and educational cultural experiences and activities.

The theme for this year’s sixth edition, and the fil rouge of the event, will be: #WomenInCulture, in order to celebrate the worldwide movement and the role of women in culture yesterday, today, and tomorrow. This means, that in addition to the daily hashtags, all cultural institutions are encouraged to share publications around the #WomenInCulture hashtag throughout the week. The remaining themes include: #SecretsMW (Tuesday, May 14th), #PlayMW (Wednesday, May 15th), #RainbowMW (Thursday, May 16th), #ExploreMW (Friday, May 17th), #PhotoMW (Saturday, May 18th) and #FriendsMW (Sunday, May 19th). If you want more info, you can check out the program on the #MuseumWeek website here .

In light of this year’s inspiring theme, CloudGuide will be creating a special #MuseumWeek profile available on our app throughout the week for all of our global users. Everyday users will have the chance to discover 7 guides based on the hashtag of the day and on the main theme for 2019; #WomenInCulture. The content itself, will be coming directly from institiutions in the CloudGuide community in order to encourage international visibility as well as offering more interest to their visitors.

We are looking forward to sharing this fantastic worldwide movement on CloudGuide’s social media accounts, where we’ll provide you lots of stories about empowering women in culture, art, innovation and so much more. 

Get ready, #MuseumWeek is on its way!

Ulster Museum: A dip into Irish art & history!


Welcome to Northern Ireland, land of beautiful cliffs, cozy pubs and cool museums! Our protagonist for today is the Ulster Museum in Belfast.

The building itself can be found in the university area of the city, situated in the beautiful botanical gardens. When exploring this museum, visitors will travel through time: they’ll face a Edmontosaurus dinosaur skeleton, a polar bear and even military uniforms from Modern History. They can touch a piece of Irish rock coming from almost 1,800 million years old or get lost in the vast collection of fossils, pottery and ceramics.

When you do make your way to the largest museum in Northern Ireland, make sure to have the CloudGuide app downloaded and ready – because the brand new tour ‘ A Young Persons guide to the Ulster Museum” is now available! This special tour is composed of objects, carefully selected by people between the ages of 16 and 25, as part of the project “Reimagine Remake Replay” which is funded by National Lottery’s Heritage Fund. A project designed to engage young people with museums using the latest technologies and museum collections #reimagineremakereplay.

In addition to the permanent collection, the Ulster Museum currently have three temporary exhibitions on display: “Elements¨, dedicated to all the science enthusiastics (available until February 2020), “Fashion & Feminism” (available until June 2019) and “Making Her Mark” (available until October 2019), both focused on women in the fields of fashion and painting.

Visitors play a key role at this museum, in fact, various activities are offered in order to increase the learning factor for every museum visitor. From talks to workshops, from arts to science, everybody (children and adults) are invited to experiment throughout the several areas of the building.

Thanks to the variety that the Museum offers and to its ability to link the past and the contemporaneity, the Ulster Museum was also included in the international coalition of “Sites of Conscience”, the global network initiative that connects past struggles to todays movements for human rights.

If all of this wasn’t enticing enough, the Belfast Museum is also holding a very special piece currently on display. Are you part of the GOT (Game of Thrones) fanclub? Well if you do fall into that vast majority of people today then you’ll want to see this: a 77-metre long Bayeux style tapestry representing the recap of all seven seasons of Game of Thrones, no worries they are keeping some room for the last one – which will be added in June!

Ready for a trip to Northern Ireland? Download the CloudGuide App and you are good to go!

Belfast Zoo: a closer look into over 120 different animal species!


Do you remember the movie “Zoo”? The historical British film released in 2018 based on the real story of a baby elephant saved during a raid in the First World War?

Well that Zoo was actually based on the ‘Belfast Zoo’ in Northern Ireland – and also based on the brand new addition to the CloudGuide community!

Its journey began in the early 1900’s, a time when the Belfast City Council had their focus set on installing a tram line to promote the local area. In addition, was the creation of a playground and pleasure garden in the hopes of encouraging day trips outside the city center. The garden turned out to be such a great success that after a few years, in 1934, the corporation decided to install a zoological collection on site.

Time did the rest, and what once consisted of 12 acres of land (almost 5 hectares) transformed into the 55 acres (more than 22 hectares) we can now discover onsite today. Visitors have the pleasure of discovering more than 120 different species of animals that call Belfast Zoo their home.

This attraction is considered to be one of the oldest in Northen Ireland, and is now considered to be one of the leading and award winning visitor attractions in the country!

The Zoo is focused on offering a great educative experience and assuring visitors the well being and great amount of care that is put into the animals hosted onsite. They address a particular attention to all the endangered species, organizing different campaigns for the purpose of raising funds for the animals and their natural habitats.

So for all families, animal lovers and enthusiats don’t miss out on the chance of taking your own daytrip to the Belfast Zoo next time you find yourself in beautiful Northern Ireland. When you get there, remember to download the CloudGuide app to accompany you throughout your visit so you can learn all their is to know about the animals and their habit in our interactive tour!

Multimedia Art Museum: the passion for photography and visual arts takes Moscow


Today is the day we should all be getting ready to get on a plane straight to Russia in order to find out more about the new addition to the CloudGuide community! We land in Moscow, the capital of the country, the most populated city, and, the native home of the Multimedia Art Museum.

Devoted to new forms of visual expression (especially contemporary art, photography and new media) this museum was among the first to be opened twenty-three years ago in Russia, with a stated focus in this field.

In the space of eight floor visitors can find the archive room of the museum, a collection consisting of over 80 thousand pictures (including the negatives and prints) and of course, the museum that displays both Russian and foreign innovative artists. To get a better idea let’s turn our attention to the exhibitions currently on display.  

Until the 12th of May it will be possible for  visitors to enjoy both the art of the American photographer Alex Prager with his work “Compulsion” as well as the exhibition ‘ Dreaming. Pirelli Calendar 2019’ by Albert Watson, author of the calendar’s 46th edition as a part of the XI Moscow International Biennnale ‘Fashion and Style in Photography 2019’.

This slick and modern gallery houses on average 3 – 4 exhibitions simultaneously. The great thing is that visitors can enjoy the likes of not only contemporary artists but also photographic art by 20th century artists such as Vladimir Yakovlev and Oscar .

If you are just as intrigued as us about the variety and collection of the Multimedia Art Museum, then the only solution is to physically go and visit it yourself. And while your’re there, why not send home the coolest postcard through the CloudGuide App!

Pirelli HangarBicocca: A happily ever after marriage between an industrial building and art.


“Our mission is to make art accessible and open to everyone”. CloudGuide is happy to introduce to the family the Milanese Pirelli HangarBicocca!

Born in 2004, the non profit foundation supported by Pirelli devotes itself to spreading contemporary art in the beautiful city of Milan. The peculiarity of HangarBicocca, which makes the project even more interesting, is the building itself and the surrounding areas - how often does a visit to a museum include a stop in a 'shed' that used to manufacture locomotives and aeroplanes during the First World War.

The exposition space is in fact located in an ex factory of the ‘900. The Bicocca area, before turning into a residential district, which now includes one of the main University in the city, was indeed industrial.

After a period of neglect during the transition time, the once known “Ansaldo 17” became the art center of today, which truly pays respect to the previous architecture.“Le Navate”, for example, once dedicated to the transformers department is now an area that hosts the permanent installation of Anselm Kiefer: “The Seven Heavenly Places”.

According to the artistic director, Vicente Todolí, what visitors have the chance to see in the Hangar are: “ Specific exhibitions developed for the architectural space, in dialogue.” What the visitors bring home with them is a pure experience that would never have been possible to create anywhere else.

On April 4th the Hangar will open a brand new exhibition to the public called “Remains”, generated by the mind of one of the most important Indian contemporary artist: Sheela Gowda.

Take the chance and check out firsthand the uniqueness of the Pirelli HangarBicocca. 

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