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C-Mine new app is out with CloudGuide!

BY Azucena Lozano

C-Mine is a new experience, more than a regular simple museum. It will  take you to the time where the coalminers worked underground and created a community, a little city in the centre of the Flemish town of Genk.

C-Mine is a learning experience specially dedicated to families and students of the industrial engineering from the local university that have even a special space for workshops there.

The Industrial heritage of Gent is now shown in C-Mine throught two tour guides by CloudGuide: C-Mine Guide and C-Mine Expeditie, both permanent exhibitions to be enjoyed in our free app for visitors, as usual, for Iphone and Android.

Find the new C-Mine Experience with CloudGuide at

Agenda CloudGuide Week 10th-16th Aug

BY Azucena Lozano

One more week, we are bringing you more news to help you finding your best choice and plan your summer days in a better way. We have been working on your comments and reviews: as you refer to be interested on knowing what's happening in the city you arrive to while traveling, here it comes a brief agenda full of international events and exhibitions to enjoy with family, friends and children.

So here we come with our cultural weekly suggestions:

  • If you are visiting Vienna, are are sure you know the art scene is awesome. Kunsthalle Wien shows a fantastic collection of frontline contemporary artworks both in MuseumsQuartier and in Karlsplatz, so this museum is a must for artlovers. This time we highlight Function Follows Visiom, Vision Follows Reality, an exhibition you would enjoy until August the 23th. It is a complete review of Frederick Kiesler, a referent in design and architecture history. As usual, we recommend to download our guide tour to get ready for the experience!. Do not forget this link:
  • Our second spot is really useful if you are in Catalonia. A endless guide for music, cinema, gastronomy, cinema and contemporary art we know you will love at first sight. Discover the summer agenda from Patrimoni.Gencat in just 3 clicks at
  • And how could be forget to tell you about the star draw of the summer! We want you to have one of the 3 artickets we are raffling until august the 16th because we know you are an artlover and really need to visit the best 6 museums in Barcelona for free and without queuing! Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya MNAC, MACBA, CCCB, Fundació Tàpies, Fundació Miró and Museu Picasso are waiting for you! Just download the app and register at My CloudGuide. We will announce the winners soon!


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The Featured exhibition of the week

BY Azucena Lozano


Fundació Tapies will be celebrating their 25th anniversary with the opening of Tapies. Artist Collection. An exhibition that joins a wide selection of the exhibits loaned by Antoni Tapies to his heirs together with his own private collection made with some the most vanguardist contemporary artists such as Picasso, Klee, Kandisnki, Miró and Pollock.

The exhibition, curated  by Núria Homs is a dialogue between genius along the decades of the 40's to final 80's that is completed with personal letters, pictures, invitations, catalogues and books such as Paul Klee diary, a special edition of Max Ernst  La Femme 100 têtes or a selection of Marcel Duchamp working documents.

As complementary activities, there will be courses, conferences and workshops as well as guided visits to all the audiences  with an special nod to those who are 25 during 2015, who will have an open access along the year. Besides, every sunday the museum will open doors for free to enjoy the exhibition.

This remarcable effort to engage audiences to the wide heritage of this catalan and universal artist comes even stronger by the recently published CloudGuide app, available for free as well for Android and iOS.

Do not  miss it!

Go into the draw to win one Articket with us!

BY Azucena Lozano


We want to reward all the artlovers who have downloaded CloudGuide to stay tuned to all their favourite museums.

So don't you still have the app in your smartphone? Then hurry up as you will only take part of the rafle if you download it before August 16th.

Prize drawing will be conducted next monday 17th  between all our registered users, by courtesy of MACBA, which is our sponsor for the three ArtTickets we are drawing.

What is ArtTicket BCN?

it is a passport to access the best 5 museums in the city:

But what is the best advantage about ArtTicket? Doubtless, the prize: It is a real chance  to visit these museums  at the best rate, almost 50% prize discount than buying each ticket separately. Another point is that most people consider that ArtTicket are only useful for turists or esporadic guests in the too, nothing could be further from the truth! Why? Because you are allowed to use it over the whole year, so you can enjoy all the exhibitions of the season with the same ArtTicket.

So you can see there is no excuse for participation. If you are not a resident in Barcelona, you will find a great advantage about that!

How can I get involved?

It is really easy: Just download the app before August 16th

How will I know I'm the winner?

On Monday 17th, we will post the name of our winner in our social networks, so follow us in FB and twittter to be the first to know. Maybe the winner is you!

Tàpies. An Artist’s Collection

BY Azucena Lozano

Tàpies. An Artist’s Collection is the featured tour guide for this week.

As a historical journey over the artist work, this new CloudGuide tour guide is a highlight of the most relevant exhibits by Tàpies from the mid-1940s to the late 1980s. It is truly interesting the way this works become more and more significant while are facing other contemporary pieces by authors like Paul Klee, Joan Miró, Kurt Schwitters, Wassily Kandinsky, Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp, Franz Kline, Jackson Pollock, Jean Dubuffet, Willem de Kooning, Sam Francis and Robert Motherwell, among others.

Together with the previously unseen documentary by Maria Lluïsa Borràs, Antoni Tàpies, made in 1981, which builds an intense review the work of the artist, his artistic, literary and cultural references, and his historical and personal context, Fundació Tàpies is opening with this exhibition a window towards the knowledge of the big heritage of the great catalan genius Antoni Tàpies.

Enrich your experience and download your free guide




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