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CloudGuide one of the most prominent 4YFN startups at the MWC!

BY Aina Soler

As part of MWC, it is organized in Barcelona 4 Years From Now (4YFN), the business platform created to promote the growing community of technological startups with a global scope which is emerging in our country.

In order to help creating relationships between startups, investors and companies, 4YFN this year doubled its surface compared to the previous year, and has a large number of activities organized around three main themes: Disrupted by Mobile, Internet of Things and Digital Media.

CloudGuide has become one of the 31 startups gathered by ICEX and we have come to the meeting to show our app. In the pictures you can see our stand, our Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder being interviewed by RTVE and also our Chief Technology Officer during one of his pitches showing our app to potential investors.

We expect to take advantage of this great opportunity and we hope to come back next year with more experience, but with the same enthusiasm!

Great news from Brussels

BY Aina Soler

The Atomium is the most visited monument of Brussels. Yearly more than 600.000 people visit the 165 billion times enlarged iron crystal. Created in 1958 for the World Fair, this building stays until today Belgium’s landmark. At 102 meters high you’ve got a beautiful view over Brussels and the nearby royal park. The nine connected hemispheres house permanent and temporary exhibitions.

We are very proud to announce that this month, the Atomium will start using CloudGuide to let their visitors explore the inside. Since the Atomium building is entirely made of steel, it acts as a Faraday cage and prevents any mobile connection. Fortunately, CloudGuide has an offline option and it came out as the most suitable solution to overcome this shortcoming. From now on, the app will be used by many of the visitors attending daily to the Atomium.

The trip to Silicon Valley

BY Aina Soler

CloudGuide has returned home after taking part of the Immersion Program of Spain Tech Center (STC) that hosted for two weeks ten Spanish technology startup companies in order to make contact with capitalist investors in addition to legal and financial advisers.

The ten participating startup companies belong or are linked to the technology sector, in particular, to applications development, open source tools, Big Data, online education platforms and solutions for revenue management, among others.

During two intense weeks they have been in the Californian city using the services of Spain Tech Center, which provides support to Spanish technology companies in their process to internationalization and establishment on the American market. The Spanish entrepreneurs participated in 35 workshops which counted with sessions about business communication, banking and credit in the United States, Venture Capital in emerging markets, international marketing strategies and customer experience. Besides assisting these workshops, participants visited the headquarters of Google, Plug and Play, GSV Labs and Evenbrite, as well as Stanford University.

After the experience, participants come back to Spain with new knowledge and perspectives to apply in their companies.

CloudGuide at the Fundació Joan Miró!

BY Aina Soler

Yesterday CloudGuide was at the Fundació Joan Miró and we are very happy to share this experience with all of you. We stayed there the whole morning  introducing the app and all the featured guides to their visitors. It was great!

Visitors were delighted with the possibility of enjoying the guide of new Miro's Foundation exhibition, 'Miró and the Object'. Also, users were able to do the self guided tour around the sculpture garden that is surrounding the museum.

CloudGuide will travel to Silicon Valley!

BY Aina Soler

CloudGuide has been chosen by the Spain Tech Center to participate in the third Immersion Program created by Icex, and Banco Santander, and managed by Opinno, which consists in a two-day training in Madrid and two intensive weeks in San Francisco.

During the Immersion Program, companies will attend over 35 workshops and will conduct visits to the most advanced technology companies in the area, including Google, Dropbox or Eventbrite. They will also have the opportunity to meet a network of experts in innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as entrepreneurs and executives with extensive experience in Silicon Valley.

The program's objective is helping 10 companies to take a strategic decision on whether it is the place and the right time for their company to be established in the US market.

These companies will accompany Cloudguide in this adventure: BeOnPrice, Ezzing, FonYou, LeanXcale, Mint Labs, Start & up America, Subtix, TechRules and Yosko, which have been selected from more than 95 applicants. They all have a product or service that stands out for its technological prowess, a business model that works and market acceptance.

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