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The Museum of Technology and Science Center Spectrum, the beauty of science and technology in Berlin


The two new entries at CloudGuide this week both have something very special in common: first, they are both based in Berlin, the capital of Germany and second, they are both focused on spreading the beauty of science and technology.

We are of course talking about the Museum of Technology (Deutsches Technikmuseum) and the Science Center Spectrum, two associated institutions located downtown between the Kreuzberg and Mitte district.

On the outside of the Technikmuseum, visitors can enjoy the beautiful park, characterized by two mills (water and wind), a smithy and a brewery. While inside, visitors can immerse themselves in an immense collection which combines scientific tools, locomotives, planes, and paper machines... just to name a few.

In addition to displaying a fantastic collection for visitors to enjoy, the museum invites people of all ages to physically assist in demonstrations, including touching and experimenting first hand!

The ultimate goal of the museum is to arouse curiosity and to educate, while at the same time, encouraging their audience to ask themselves a large array of everyday questions: “What is this? How was it made? What was it for? Did it change the world? What does it mean to me?”.

Once you finish your visit at the Technikmuseum and are looking to fulfill your curiosity some more, you can luckily find the answers just next door at the Science Center Spectrum, where interactive exhibits take place in a 1,400 m² space.

The use of the five sense are required to embrace the whole experience, this also explains why the Center plays such an important role in the public education system.

Let yourself be led, during this discovery process, by both your curiosity (of course) and our CloudGuide App!

Santa Maria della Scala: from a civic hospital to a stunning museum complex.


Have you ever fancied planning an Italian road trip from North to South? If so, you probably considered driving through the tuscan hills, posting an Instagram picture of the breath-taking sunset and ending the day with a glass of Chianti. Classy.

CloudGuide is here to help you with a bucket list of all the cultural and artistic locations you really can’t miss along the way.

Today we focus on a city located just a 70 km drive from Florence: the medieval charming Siena, whose city center was selected as UNESCO’s World Heritage site.

Right there, in the heart of the town, it’s hard not to spot Siena’s Cathedral, dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. If you turn your back on the “Duomo”, as the Cathedral is called in Italy, you face the new entry of the CloudGuide community: Santa Maria della Scala, once a civic hospital, one of the most ancient in Europe, and now a stunning museum complex.

Historically devoted to pilgrims and people in need, the old hospital, built in the XII Century, represents the nucleus of the actual centre. The structure around it grew and changed over the years, coming to include, nowadays, over seven building layers.

The first detail of the museum that catches the eyes of all visitors is on the fourth level, opened by the Women Pilgrims’s Hall. In the same layer you can also discover the Old Sacristy, the Old Refectory, and the Church of the SS. Annunziata, just to name a few... This is just the beginning of what can be observed while discovering the many areas of the complex: from the Archaeological Museum to the Fonte Gaia, passing through frescoes, brick walls and statues from centuries ago.

There is so much to say about this beautiful building, but better to discover it yourself in person, don’t you think? And as per usual, the CloudGuide app is there to accompany you throughout your visit !

Out in March: feel the good old times when visiting the marvelous Domaine de Chantilly.


Would you be captivated by the idea of travelling back to the XIX Century and seeing with your own eyes how the French aristocracy lived back in the day?

Would you like to spot first hand a few noble people intent on walking around the gardens with all those sumptuous, uncomfortable dresses? Or take a peek of them eating their delicious food? Or maybe you would even love to be involved in a conversation with a Duchess!

Very sorry, although that part would be great, it’s just not possible... yet. What is very much possible instead is to admire a real princely residence, see exactly what it looked like, from the disposition of the furniture to the art displayed. Where can all of this be discovered? In France, of course! Not too far from Paris, heading North.

Today we talk about the Domaine de Chantilly, a new entry in the CloudGuide community; this marvelous castle and it’s gardens, covering more than 115 hectares of land (the French- style one, the Anglo- Chinese and the English Garden) represents one of the finest cultural heritage in the Country.

We owe the actual magnificent of the Domaine to the Duke of Aumale, which inherited the place from his godfather when he was only 8 years old. Later in his life he dedicated himself to the military career, carrying with him the personal motto “I will wait”.

He definitely waited and, as the great collector he was, he brought to the castle (that meanwhile had been destroyed and rebuilt) all the precious art works he assembled during the many years.

Having him lost his sons, he decided to leave the property to the Institut de France, as long as they would allow people to visit the Condé museum and the collection inside. The painting collection, for example, is almost as big as the one of the Louvre. Highlight: The Three Grace, by Raphael!

Straight out of a fairytale, the Domaine de Chantilly is waiting to be discovered in real life and on the CloudGuide App.

For the 2nd year, CloudGuide receives support from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.


Thanks to the support for the modernization and innovation of cultural and creative industries through digital and technological projects from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain, CloudGuide is developing for the second year in a row the Big Data project. This project not only aims to create audience studies based on the behavior of visitors within each participating institution, but in addition, analyze the behavior of visitors in Spanish cultural institutions at both a national and international level.  

The fundamental objective of this project is to provide cultural institutions (museums, monuments and governments) with a digital tool that can be used to better understand visitors in a quantitative and qualitative way as well as offer a proactive solution to an ongoing obstacle facing institutions today - how to better improve their visitors experience. With this report, all participating institutions will receive a personalized study of their audience, containing more than 70 different variables designed to specifically fit the needs for cultural institutions who want to gain a deeper insight on the behavior of their visitors and improve their overall experience inside and outside of their institution.  

Growing our team for rapid expansion !


After the amazingly successful 2018, we kicked off the new year with fresh new additions to our team in order to strengthen our global presence. To support our international expansion, we’ve added more than 5 additional members to our team in the last few months, whom will be joining us in our Barcelona office. It only makes sense to grow the CloudGuide family to support our rapid growth in the last year and to help us continue expanding our presence as the leading app for museums and cultural institutions. With several exciting new challenges and additional features in the works, we are excited to be joined by a group of determined, proactive and hardworking people.

Here is to an exciting future!

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