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CloudGuide experiences exponential growth with +400 cultural institutions joining in 2018 !


To say that 2018 was a busy year at CloudGuide is not doing it justice... In just under a year, we have successfully doubled the amount of cultural institutions that have joined the CloudGuide app. And In 2018 alone, more than 400 museums and galleries from around the world have joined the CloudGuide platform.

Wondering how we have grown to become one of the largest digital community in the world ? CloudGuide is a global tourist app for smart sightseeing, uniting all cultural institutions and tourist attractions into one app using only official content (guides & tours) while continuously promoting comfortable, easy and smart travelling. Since 2013, our mission is to help institutions from around the world spread their knowledge and legacy through different digital channels. As well as create a much more interactive experience between institutions and their visitors providing them with a global channel of communication and a new way of approaching culture, travel and sightseeing.

Some of the benefits gained when joining the community include increased visibility, audience engagement inside and outside of institutions, better understanding of visitors as well as a continuously growing network effect. So what are you waiting for ? Get in touch with us and find out some of the endless amount of benefits when joining the CloudGuide community today.

Our expansion into three brand new markets.


As the CloudGuide company continues to expand exponentially over the years, one of our key focus has always been to progressively grow globally. In light of this, we are very proud to announce that last year we successfully entered three brand new markets, France, Italy and Russia. Although this is only the very beginning, we have collaborated with many fantastic institutions such as the Eiffel Tower, the Musée des Arts et Métier in Paris and the Museum of Fine Arts in Lyon, France (just to name a few…). In Russia, we are now joined by the Petroff Palace, built in XVII century and serving as a hotel and a museum and the public art space Hlebozavod #9 with over 40k daily visitors. Our expansion in Italy has also flourished and now includes two of the museums from the University of Turin  and the EcoMuseo del Casentino in Tuscany.

On that note, we are most definitely looking forward to what 2019 has in store and will continue to focus on growing the CloudGuide community as well as all of our existing markets. To get the full list of all our brand new cultural institutions, click the following link and allow the CloudGuide app to become your new travelling companion!

Our Techstars story: what we learnt, gained and experienced.


September 2018 was a very exciting start to a rigorous 3 month program in which two of CloudGuide’s founders, Olga Plets, CEO and Cristina Perez, COO, were selected to represent the company in the Techstars Paris intensive program. Although the program itself has come to an end, the experience and the insights gained are for life.

The 3 month period, consisted in a variety of guided exercises, mentor conversations, and open feedback sessions allowing us to reflect on accelerating the company, growing our network and gaining traction. Techstars also provided us with the opportunity of working alongside some of the industry’s most talented founders, mentors, investors and industry leaders as well as 10 other international companies. Being a part of this amazing program and having guidance from the Techstars Managing Director and Program Manager has opened up for us many doors and opportunities as well as helped greatly in our development as a continuously growing company.

All in all, this was a fantastic opportunity for CloudGuide, one that has empowered us and allowed us to gain us the right resources and tools in order to help us to keep moving in the right direction.

Our collaboration with the Ceramics and its Dimensions project across Europe!


One of the most ancient forms of decorative art, ceramics has been used in Europe for centuries. In Europe it’s everywhere to be seen, from the facades of some of the most iconic buildings, to street sculpture and walkways. It would be a shame not to share with our international users the important role that ceramics has played in people's everyday lives. For this reason, we are excited to announce a brand new collaboration currently taking place between CloudGuide and Ceramics and its Dimensions, a project funded by the European Commission in the program "Creative Europe. This project carefully calls attention to the different ceramic materials found in a variety of buildings across 18 countries in Europe, highlighting the history as well as a variety of different aspects in relation to culture and academics. Download the CloudGuide app and discover the history and noteworthy facets of more than 250 buildings throughout Europe today !

Another astounding contemporary exhibition at the MAK in Vienna: “Sagmeister & Walsh: Beauty.


Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh offer an engaging multimedia exhibition for the pleasure of beauty. The exhibition spreads across the entire MAK premise, investigating why people feel attracted to beauty, how they can handle it, and which positive effects beauty can have.

Almost throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, beauty has had rather a negative connotation in the design discourse. Sagmeister & Walsh oppose this antipathy with impressive arguments and make beauty a central and functional aspect of appealing design. The exhibition plays with all of the visitors senses and clearly shows that beauty is more than just a superficial strategy.

Sagmeister & Walsh use examples through graphics, product design, architecture and urban planning to demonstrate that beautiful objects, buildings and strategies not only make things more enjoyable, but actually work better, and that the form does not just follow the function, but in many cases, is the function itself.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is the Sensory Room, designed together with Swarovski. A sensually designed white cube that invites you to enter a room filled with thousands of Swarovski crystals in an ornament designed by Sagmeister & Walsh. Inside, the visitors – wrapped in fog – encounter constantly changing colours of the sunset accompanied with citrus scents and an acoustic backdrop of the song of the Malaysian tree frog.It is an incomparable experience of beauty, that leaves you with a peaceful and tranquil feeling.

Sagmeister & Walsh answer the question: “What is beauty?” with facts.  Beautiful things have a direct effect on our dopamine receptors and on our feelings, meaning that beautiful design can indeed be perceived as effective. Let yourself be enchanted by the stupefying exhibition: Beauty, on display until March 31st and uncover the finer details on our app.

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