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CloudGuide recibe el soporte del Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte para su Proyecto BigData

BY Cristina Pérez Ferrer

Aprovechando la digitalización de los 16 museos estatales y otras instituciones culturales en España, CloudGuide presenta un proyecto para que la digitalización de las instituciones culturales y su contenido, se convierta también en la digitalización de los procesos de creación de estudios de audiencias de museos, monumentos y instituciones culturales.


El proyecto no sólo pretende crear estudios de audiencia basados en el comportamiento de los visitantes dentro de cada institución a través de la aplicación, sino analizar y concluir pautas de comportamiento a nivel nacional de los visitantes de una institución cultural española (ya sean nacionales o internacionales). 


El objetivo del proyecto fundamental, pues, es proporcionar a las instituciones culturales (museos, monumentos y gobiernos especialmente) de una herramienta digital para conocer a sus visitantes de modo cuantitativo y cualitativo.  Este proyecto, tiene el soporte del Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte gracias a las ayudas para la modernización e innovación de las industrias culturales y creativas mediante proyectos digitales y tecnológicos.


CloudGuide Selected to Participate in the VC CultTech Hackathon in Vienna, Austria !


Last week, CloudGuide was invited to participate in the VC CultTech Hackathon in Vienna, where we spent three days creating solutions that will further impact the future of Arts and Culture.

The VC CultTech Hackathon organized by the viennacontemporaryand Pioneers Discoveroffered a unique chance for cultural institutions to gain inspiration and innovative concepts from tech experts and startups from around the world. During which, 8 participating teams, and over 30 members, presented their solutions through the use of technology in order to come up with a way of shaping the future of arts in Vienna, Austria.

In our case, CloudGuide spent three days rapidly prototyping a plan for Vienna State Opera, in the interest of coming up with designed solution to enhance the customer experience to fit the needs of the famous Vienna Opera House. Among the challenges we were requested to overcome, CloudGuide proposed a variety of ways that the Opera House could incorporate in their institution in order to digitalize the overall stay from beginning to end. Additionally, through the use of new technologies, we successfully proposed solutions so as to enhance the art experience and integration of innovative solutions towards community building.

This was a great chance for members of our team to work and establish relationships with some of greatest Viennese art institutions, as well as contribute and share our solutions to members of the art and IT society.

Museo Marítimo Ría de Bilbao has joined CloudGuide this Summer 2017!


Discover the Museo Marítimo Ría de Bilbao and be ready to be taken on an exciting voyage by uncovering the key roles that the Estuary has played in the transformation of Bilbao and its surroundings. Appropriately located on the waterfront, this great museum serves as an important element of the city and region by helping to preserve and spread the history, culture and identity of the men and woman who have lived on and from the Bilbao Estuary, which is closely bound to maritime tradition. 

Using bright and clever displays to bring the watery depths of Bilbao and Basque maritime history to life, as well as including an outdoor section especially made for children and the young at heart who dream of boarding a range of boats and discovering their inner sailors and pirates. The aim of this museum is for the visitors to not only learn about the importance of the role of the Bilbao Estuary but for people visiting to simultaneousy have a good time by laughing, playing and having fun. 

Available in four different language (Basque, Spanish, English and French) come and discover the guide that takes you through the voyage of the history, culture and identity of the men and woman who have lived on and from the Bilbao Estuary! Explore +


Gamifying Your Institution: What You Need to Know.


Interactive games at your institution. Why do they matter? Sure, they engage visitors… but, what’s so great about them? Today I'd like to share why interactive games are so useful for attracting and engaging your key demographics.

Who Do Games Appeal To and What the Heck are the '3 E's'?
Essentially, mobile games are an incredible way to attract, engage, and connect with two visitor demographics: millennials and families.

As digital technology becomes increasingly ubiquitous, millennials and families expect 3 things (the 3 E’s):

  1. Education

  2. Experiences (novel and good)

  3. Entertainment

Interactive games are a great way to check all 3 of these boxes simultaneously.

What Value Do Games Offer?
Games are ubiquitous. There’s a reason that over 75% of people in the US are gamers. The science is in, and it shows that games are a great way to develop and hone cognitive skills, and foster learning while providing good entertainment.

In fact, the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) says that games are the best way to learn. Performance, effort, and knowledge all increase from educational games.

According to the FAS, games offer:

  1. 90% increase in learning retention

  2. 11% increase in conceptual knowledge

  3. 20% increase in practical knowledge

How Does This Relate To My Institution?:
Visitors want to be educated through diverse, entertaining experiences -- but you have to entertain them before you can educate them. Remember that monotonous teacher you had in school, the one that could find a way to make any topic uninteresting? That is what happens when you don't provide entertainment with your educative experience.

Games are a great way to offer an engaging, educational, and interactive experience, especially to millennials and families. When mobile games are done right, they allow visitors of all ages to play, with content that is accessible, engaging and educative.

Truly engaging information can change your attitude or viewpoint or provide you with an epiphany. In short: it can be a transformative experience, with a caveat. You must engage and entertain visitors before you can educate them.

The Moulin Rouge has officially joined CloudGuide!


This iconic location in Paris, France is considered to be one of the most prestigious cabarets in the world. So it is to no surprise why most of you might have already heard of the name Le Moulin Rouge once before. The history of this famous location dates back to the early 1889, during a period that can be described by its non chalance, light-heartedness and 'joie de vivre', the period we call The Belle Époque. With over 100 years of history, this establishment has been a great contribution in shaping one of France's greatest periods of artistics and cultural growth.

Do not miss out on the chance of learning more about the iconic history of The Moulin Rouge on the CloudGuide app, whether you are curious local, or planning your upcoming travels, this is definitely a location you do not want to miss! Explore +

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