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Discover the magnificent diversity of the Americas.


The Museum of America’s vast permanent exhibition, is definitely a treat for all archeology enthusiasts! Situated in the vibrant city of Madrid, Spain, the museum features extensive collections of American archeology and ethnology, ranging from the Paleolithic period to the present day. Arranged into five key areas, the permanent showcase first introduces its visitors to the history of the North American continent, followed by the inhabitation process, the formation of diverse societies, their relationships with the supernatural and ultimately the communication systems that have developed over time.

The permanent collection, featuring 25.000 objects on display, aims to unveil the complex American reality using anthropological approaches. It takes its visitors on a journey through American history, starting with Knowing about America, the first area of the museum which delves into the way Europeans imagined the Americas before setting out on their quests in search of new territories. It wasn’t until the conquerors brought plants, animals and natives back to European monarchs that the image of the Americas changed in European minds. With a new understanding of the American reality, visitors are shown a wide array of conquests over the continent’s geographical features; showcasing encounters with significant American cultures and the flow of migration waves across land. Entering the largest area of the museum, The area of Society, visitors are introduced to the diverse cultures that lived in America for thousands of years. It illustrates the distinctive societies that have coexisted on the continent by demonstrating their day to day lives, opening the door to The area of Religion which teaches us that understanding a culture means understanding its religion. The hispanic catholicism fused with ancient practices and rituals creating a unique set of beliefs on the continent. Lastly, the area of Communication shows the origins of written communication in America and its development into an area of great language diversity.

Highlights from the permanent collection of the Museum of America is now available on our app, featuring more information and content on the history of the Americas. If you’re in Madrid, make sure to add this exciting exhibition to your schedule, we promise you won’t regret it!


Feel the glory of The Belle Époque


The Belle Époque, French for Beautiful Era, was the prosperous time between the Franco-Prussian war in 1871 and the outbreak of World War I in 1914. This epoch was distinguished by ubiquitous optimism, regional peace, economic prosperity and countless technological innovations. Château-Musée de Nemours in Nemours, France aims to reflect on this period and evoke the feeling of The Belle Epoque in its temporary exhibition by immersing its visitors in the artistic, intellectual and social atmosphere spread through the vast lands of the French Third Republic. The exposition delivers a panorama of the effervescent period, tackling themes from Art Nouveau to the study of Japanese art; the epiphany of entertainment and leisure, including fashion, celebrities and the growing popularity of theater and music halls. Featuring about a hundred and twenty prominent works including paintings, sculptures, photographs, decorative arts and jewels, the exhibition gives a tribute to artists at the turn of the century. Prosperous names such as Jules Chéret, Félix Bracquemond, Emile Gallé and many others take us back to the “Golden Age” of flourishing arts before the horrors of World War I changed the world forever.

Download our App and use The Belle Époque guide to discover all this exhibition has to offer!

The world of Ydessa Hendeles: Reality or Fantasy?


The Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier location is welcoming the famed Canadian artist Ydessa Hendeles, marking her first retrospective in Europe with the exhibition titled Death to Pigs. Featuring an expansive arrangement of more than 150 vintage wooden manikins, a plastic pig and an American roadable aircraft, Hendeles collects historical objects and artifacts to bring them together in complex and expansive installations. The exhibition Death to Pigs showcases some of the artist’s most prominent works created within the last thirteen years. Ydessa was born to Holocaust survivor parents in the city of Marburg. Her works reflect the history of the twentieth century with a narrative consistent with loss and alienation presented through thorough historical and cultural research with autobiographical references throughout. Hendeles encourages the visitor to find or forge a connection by looking back in the past to understand the consequences it has on our future. She introduces us to social developments, such as ideas of cultural identity that were used destructively to influence masses and turn utopian ideas into dystopian realities.

The Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier’s temporary exhibition reflecting the works of the great Ydessa Hendeles is on display until the 27th of May. Exclusive photos and a deeper look into the story behind her collection are featured in the CloudGuide guide, now available on our App!


CloudGuide proudly presents the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels!


A fantastic addition to the CloudGuide community and a natural must see for children and adults, the Museum of Natural Sciences is one not to miss when visiting the capital of Belgium! Part of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, this European scientific establishment is considered the top of its kind, holding an astonishing collection of more thanthirty-seven million conserved specimens in its vaults.

With more than sixteen thousand squares meters open to the public year round, it is to no one's surprise that this incredible institute in Brussels welcomes more than 300,000 visitors each year. The most prominent collections at the museum include the Gallery of Humankind, the Gallery of Evolution and the most famous of them all - the Dinosaur Gallery. The Gallery of Humankind is devoted to exploring the human evolution using fossils and modern technology. With life-size three-dimensional reconstructions, visitors can compare their features to those of our ancestor’s hominids who walked this earth seven million years ago. The Gallery of Evolution takes its visitors through billions of years of history, from the first forms of primitive life on Earth to life as we know it today. Based on evolutionary models, the gallery takes us on a trip to the future to imagine how animals might look like fifty-million years from now. The famous Dinosaur Gallery is the biggest of its kind in Europe. It is entirely devoted to the discovery, lives and evolution of dinosaurs. At the end of the nineteenth century, thirty complete dinosaur skeletons were found in a coal mine in Belgium. Today, they form the most famous attraction at the museum along with the replica of the largest Tyrannosaurus rex in the world.

Don’t miss the expansive installations at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels! And when you do go, don't forget to enjoy the museum’s top natural selection exhibits available with video guides on our App!

Celebrating women in 2018!


In her acceptance speech at the 90th Academy Awards, best actress winner Frances McDormand used her platform to applaud all the brave women in the film industry, an industry shaken by the accusations of sexual harassment and unequal pay. As the crowd applauded in her honour, McDormand asked the female nominees in every category to stand with her and look around the vast Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, witnessing the joy in each of theinspirational women’s eyes as she addressed the imbalances and required more diversity in the industry.

After years of facing criticism for speaking out on their rights, last year has marked an epiphany in our society. Women’s voices are ultimately being heard and history is being written in front of our eyes. Unequal pay, sexual harassment, gender, racial and many other injustices that women have faced through history have resulted in the creation of inspiring social movements such as the #MeToo movement or the Time’s up movement, gathering groups of women and empowering them in controlling their lives, claiming their rights and once and for all breaking the stigma of women in business. CloudGuide is proud to be an example of a successful business founded and ran by women. We are honoured to be on the forefront of the changes our society is going through and delighted to have a majority of female employees. Although we celebrate Women’s Day with joy, proud of the work we’ve done so far, it is also important to remember those women who are still victims of oppressive cultures and grasp the work that is yet to be done. While a good step forward, women have to hold their ground now more than ever and be and inspiration to others so that the generations to follow can be born into the world of equality, love and respect.


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