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Celebrating women in 2018!


In her acceptance speech at the 90th Academy Awards, best actress winner Frances McDormand used her platform to applaud all the brave women in the film industry, an industry shaken by the accusations of sexual harassment and unequal pay. As the crowd applauded in her honour, McDormand asked the female nominees in every category to stand with her and look around the vast Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, witnessing the joy in each of theinspirational women’s eyes as she addressed the imbalances and required more diversity in the industry.

After years of facing criticism for speaking out on their rights, last year has marked an epiphany in our society. Women’s voices are ultimately being heard and history is being written in front of our eyes. Unequal pay, sexual harassment, gender, racial and many other injustices that women have faced through history have resulted in the creation of inspiring social movements such as the #MeToo movement or the Time’s up movement, gathering groups of women and empowering them in controlling their lives, claiming their rights and once and for all breaking the stigma of women in business. CloudGuide is proud to be an example of a successful business founded and ran by women. We are honoured to be on the forefront of the changes our society is going through and delighted to have a majority of female employees. Although we celebrate Women’s Day with joy, proud of the work we’ve done so far, it is also important to remember those women who are still victims of oppressive cultures and grasp the work that is yet to be done. While a good step forward, women have to hold their ground now more than ever and be and inspiration to others so that the generations to follow can be born into the world of equality, love and respect.


Explore the Genius Versatility of Guy Mees at Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz!


Guy Mees, a central figure of Belgium’s art scene will be celebrated for the very first time in Austria at the newly opened exhibition entitled ‘The Weather is quiet, cool and soft’. This highly anticipated exhibition will be on view till April 29th at the innovative and international art space, Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz, where they will be displaying a variety of works from the artist that have rarely been shown before!

The exhibition titled The weather is quiet, cool and soft shows works from different phases in the career of Mees. Some of his best awe-inspiring photographs, videos and fragile paper works have been carefully curated for this showing at Kunsthalle Karlsplatz. The selected works range from his inspiring early lace pieces to the films and the photographs of the celebrated Portraits series. But it doesn’t end there! The never before shown structuralist works from the 1970s, pastel on paper series from the mid-seventies, the Lost Space paper cut-outs from the 1980s and much more are all on display! The title of the exhibition has been taken from a note written by Mees, which gives it an extra special touch. Mees has been represented with solo and group exhibitions in many major museums as well at the 9th Shanghai Biennial in 2012.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to see impressive works of the leading figure in the Belgian post war avant garde! To get a glimpse of the exhibition, head over to our App now!

Asia in the heart of Barcelona !


Did you know that the region of Asia and the Pacific holds more than half of all human population!? Or that it adds up to about a third of the world GDP? It’s safe to say Asia is one of the key players in today’s world, however, its culture and customs remain fairly unknown to the Western world and, in a sense, quite distant. That’s where Casa Asia steps in!

Casa Asia was established back in 2001 with the intention to broaden the knowledge and spark further dialogue about Asia in Spain, but also to develop better relations and understanding among the Spanish and Asian societies. The inistitution is located in the beautiful Sant Manuel Pavilion, established within Sant Pau’s Modernist Venue in Barcelona, Spain. The cultural centre hosts Asian-inspired events, projects and displays with the aspiration of becoming home to those interested in building projects in relation to Asia and the Pacific. The Media Library located within Casa Asia is the only center of multimedia documentation in Spain specialized in the area of Asia and the Pacific, holding a collection of more than 17,000 titles, so we’re sure there’s something for everyone. Check the guide on our App to find out more!

The revolutionary photographer, Zbigniew Dlubak - Now at the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation.


The Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation, one of the most prestigious institutions in Paris, is currently hosting the exciting exhibition ‘Heir of the avant-garde’ dedicated to the notorious photographer and painter Zbigniew Dłubak, one of the protagonist figures behind the Polish art scene revolution. The exhibition features some of his most awe-inspiring works with the intention to shine a light on the similarities of his photography and paintings, while continuously focusing on the two decisive periods in his life.

Dłubak was initially a self-taught painter who bought his first camera during the first years of the Second World War. After his introduction to some of the most important avant-garde artists, he threw his first solo exhibition in 1948, drawing his inspiration from the War. This event marks the beginning of his career and the exhibition 'Heir of the avant-garde' heavily focuses on this period as one of the two most defying in his artistic life. Five years after his first exhibition and large amount of success,  Dłubak was named the editor-in-chief of the Fotografia magazine. During this time, he played a key role in the development of conceptual art in Poland. However, he broke away from conceptualism in the 1970s, and his ambiguous position regarding this movement is clearly noticeable in this exhibition and embodies the second key period in his life.

The exhibition 'Heir of the avant-garde' is open until April 29 and displays some of Dłubak’s most iconic works. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness the exciting exhibition dedicated to this versatile artist at the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation and download the guide on our Appfor a glimpse of the exhibition and the story behind this incredible artist.

See the biggest furniture collection in the world!


If you are a fan of the House of Habsburg, the Viennese Modern movement or just Maria Theresa herself - then you’re in for a treat at the Möbel Museum in Vienna! The Hofmobiliendepot Imperial Furniture Collection is one of the biggest collections of its kind in the world, with over 165,000 objects, including a variety of pieces from Emperor Franz’s bedroom, a vintage table from the Palace Ephrussi, the wheelchair of Empress Elisabeth and many more that reflect the dynasties day-to-day life.

Thanks to the Empress Maria Theresa, who established a furniture depository back in 1747, the exhibition now holds more than 6,500 items on display. The large variety of pieces exhibited at the fantastic Möbel Museum, is guaranteed to take you on a journey spanning across three decades and illustrate the evolving furnishing styles fancied by the likes of Prince Eugene of Savoy - from Biedermeier, Historicism to the Viennese Modern movement throughout your visit. It's also important to the note that the furniture items displayed in this incredible collection have all been used to furnish the luxurious Schönbrunn Palace, the world famous Belvedere Palace, the Linz castle and many other imperial residences owned by the Habsburgs.

Visit the Möbel museum in Vienna, take a step back in history and walk the rooms that the the royals once called their home. For a glimpse of the collection and its incredible history download the guide on the CloudGuide App.

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