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Be amazed at the intricacy of one of the oldest porcelain manufactories in Europe at the MAK.


The arts and crafts Museum of applied arts, Vienna or The MAK as it is also known, has produced an exhibition surrounding one of the oldest porcelain manufactories in Europe. The products and designs of the Viennese manufactory carved out new standards throughout history and visitors to the museum now have the opportunity to view these productions. The exhibition which is open until September 23rd offers an incredibly extensive array of objects, over 1000, from the museum itself to national and international pieces consisting of pattern books, original drawings and colour trials to name just a few. Visitors will be left in awe at the extent in which porcelain was applied, not just as ceramics but entire rooms and clock cases helping to build real appreciation for this artwork.

From the foundations laid by Asian predecessors to the Europeans who eventually found the secret of porcelain production, the Vienna Porcelain Manufactory dates back to an extraordinary 1718. Many visitors may not realise where porcelain began its journey, but this display ensures that they will be taken through time so that they leave with a thorough understanding of its history. The exhibition is laid out in five separate sections which reflect significant periods that define research into the historical development of the manufactory, providing a step by step and simplistic guide for visitors to truly understand its past. Designs by artists and architects from the Vienna academy are also shown allowing for a detailed look into the developments of the manufactory. The exhibition programme is wide-ranging offering regular tours to interactive activities for children, families and individuals alike, allowing for a variety of people to discover and appreciate the work that has gone in to these pieces.

The exhibition also offers a look into the latest research findings of unpublished documents on some of the key works by the Vienna Porcelain Manufactory. Visitors are also able to benefit from the publication of 300 Years of the Vienna Porcelain Manufactory; this exhibition offers an abundance of information and interactive activities to keep individuals engaged and will be undoubtably worth the visit.

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