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CloudGuide among the winners of the Booster Lab in Barcelona!

BY Alexandra Hégo

As some of you may remember, a few weeks ago, CloudGuide was selected to participate in the Booster Lab weekend organized by and Pioneers Discover alongside 10 European startups specialized in sustainable tourism.

This was a great opportunity for us to send two of our founders, Olga Plets and Cristina Pérez Ferrer to connect and learn during this growth accelerator weekend through trainings, workshops and meetings with mentors and experts. The Booster Lab aims to consolidate the company's development and growth plans, while increasing its impact in the sustainable tourism industry. The last day took place around a training session and a pitch presentation focused on CloudGuide's strategy and objectives in this industry.

To end this event in style, we are very proud to announce that the jury awarded us with a fantastic grant of €20,000! During this successful pitch session, Olga and Cristina outlined their business model and proved how CloudGuide was the innovative solution to shed light on unlocked destinations and to demassify tourism of today. And all this work does not stop here. Indeed, for the next 6 months, we will have the opportunity to continue working alongside our mentors and the team on scaling and executing our roadmaps within the mentorship program.

How to sum up these three days? Passion, inspiration, energy and hard-work.

And what do Olga and Cristina say about it?

"It has exceeded all our expectations of what a 3-day acceleration program could be. Great to see the whole team so involved and helpful! Now it's time to make the most of the following mentorship program."

New collaboration with the Secession in Vienna!

BY Alexandra Hégo

We are very excited to announce our new collaboration with the Viennese Secession Palace!

Built in 1898 by Josef Maria Olbrich, the building bears the same name as the art movement founded by Gustav Klimt after leaving the conservative Künstlerhaus. Considered in its time as a brutal intrusion of the vanguard into the blue sky of triumphant historicism, the building was felt as a provocation, though it brought Vienna into modernity. Since 1986, you can discover the famous 34 meters long Beethoven Frieze illustrating the various themes of the Ninth Symphony. On the upper floors, you can enjoy nearly 20 temporary exhibitions of contemporary artists.

Beethoven's frieze will have no more secrets for you thanks to our guide available in English and German !

Me Collectors Room has officially joined CloudGuide!

BY Alexandra Hégo

Founded in 2010 by Thomas Olbricht, Me Collectors Room is the largest private collection in Europe. This unique foundation is worth seeing because of the diversity of works exhibited there. You can discover works of art from the 16th century all the way to the contemporary period, making this experience surprising and captivating. Children are also invited to participate in their own educational workshop. Young and old will be delighted with the visit!

Enjoy your visit with our two guides available in English and German for the “Wunderkammer Olbricht” permanent exhibition, that offers over 300 precious curiosities from the Renaissance and the Baroque period, and “Indigenous Australia: Masterworks from the National Gallery of Australia”, a temporary exhibition that presents a survey of significant traditional and modern art by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, providing an insight into one of the ‘oldest, richest and most complex’ cultures in the world.

Discover our new guide based on the permanent exhibition of the Ria de Bilbao Maritime Museum!

BY Alexandra Hégo

Divided into two spaces - interior and exterior -, Bilbao's museum permanent exhibition space covers more than 23,000m2. The interior exhibition will show you three major aspects of the physical evolution of the Ria over time: the seaport, the shipyard, the market and the factory. The outdoor exhibition, located in the old dams of the shipyards, will enable you to admire the Grua Carola, real emblem of the museum. Much more than a notable element of heritage, it also testifies the human history of the Ria.

Among the treasures of this exhibition, we find the boats belonging to Bilbao’s shipping companies, models of boats built on the most symbolic shipyards such as Nervión or Euskalduna, or the watercolors of Esteban Bermejo.

Thanks to our guide available in four languages ​​(French, English, Spanish, Basque), you will know everything about the maritime activities of the Bilbao Ria and the port, as well as the maritime culture!

Discover the Rietberg Museum with CloudGuide!

BY Alexandra Hégo

Traveling around the world while staying in the same place? It's possible at the Rietberg Museum in Zurich! The only art institute in Switzerland dedicated to non-European cultures, this museum holds a unique collection of art and objects from non-European countries. Amongst the treasures found are magical sculptures from Africa, Buddhist art from Asia and cult objects from the South and America seas. The Rietberg museum aims to draw the public's attention to the extraordinary diversity of artistic expression forms while at the same time arouse the interest of foreign civilizations, ideas and religion to all of its visitors. but also to arouse its interest in foreign civilizations, ideas or religions.

CloudGuide takes you to India with its temporary exhibition guide on Alice Boner in India - a Life for Art, an incredible artist who has spent more than four decades in the Indian city of Varanasi.

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