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Double the fun at the MACBA this month!


The Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona in the heart of the Raval neighborhood is currently hosting two exciting exhibitions that we know you’ll love. Since its opening in 1995, the MACBA continues to showcase some of the most talked-about exhibitions, placing it at the forefront of the art system in Catalonia and also confirming Barcelona’s reputation as a capital of world art.

The MACBA recently opened its doors to the great Rosemarie Castoro, whose exhibition, Focus at Finity, will be featured at the museum till mid-April. The exhibition showcases 250 of Castoro’s works, many of which have never been exhibited before. It shows her amazing contributions in the area of painting, language, performance and additionally gives an insight on how some key figures of Minimalism, a large majority of whom are women artists, have not received the recognition they deserved. For a glimpse of the exhibition, download the CloudGuide guide and head over to the MACBA to see the amazing works of this ‘paintersculptor’, as Castoro, the native New Yorker, calls herself.

But MACBA’s got more in store for you this month! The monographic exhibition Brossa Poetry, features the incredible work of Joan Brossa, with more than 800 pieces showcasing some of his earliest works in his books to his final visual experiments. Although Brossa was primarily known for his poetry, this exhibition also illustrates the influence he had in regards to theatre, cinema and action art, going beyond poetry, Brossa always brought visual and performance arts into his writtings. To see his works come to life, with amazing live performances, visit the MACBA. For more info download the guide from our App! And hurry up, the exhibitions runs until february 25th!

More exciting exhibitions at the BOZAR this month!


The BOZAR Museum in Brussels is entering the month of February with some exciting new additions! The recently opened exhibition on Dirk Braeckman is set to inspire visitors by showing how a grey-scaled photograph can transfer the feelings of intimacy onto its admirers. Dirk Braeckman is one of the most prominent Belgian photographer's of his generation. His current display at the BOZAR comes at the heels of his success at the 57th Biennale di Venezia where the exhibition was met with outstanding reviews.

In the world where technology is accessible and photos can be taken by anyone - its harder than ever to stand out from the crowd. But the thing that has made Braeckman’s photos so special all this time, is the ability to evoke emotions and making the visitors themselves feel like more than just observers. The Ghent-based artist developed a visual language of his own, using analogue techniques and challenging the rules of photography. “In a way I work against the medium and do the opposite of what photography is originally meant for.” His black-and-white photographs, developed many years after they've been shot, are intimate, private and give out a sense of darkness, as the meaning behind some of these magnificent pieces has yet to be uncovered. Go to our app and delve into the moody world of his photographs as our guide will take you behind the scenes to uncover remarkable facts about this photography giant.

His exhibition at the BOZAR, the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels runs until April 29th, be sure to check it out!

Welcoming the great Man Ray to the Kunstforum Wien in Austria!


The Kunstforum Wien is currently introducing the fantastic artist, Man Ray, in its temporary exhibition this February! So of you’re in Vienna anytime between February and June - be sure to check it out!

Man Ray is best known as a photographer, but he achieved worldwide recognition for his amazing portraits and groundbreaking rayographs which he produced without the use of a camera (to see examples of his rayographs, check the guide on our app)! His career goes further than just photography (notable publications include Harper's Bazaar and Vogue) as he invested his talents in typography, book and magazine design, creating films and objects - thus providing an enviable scope for Kunstforum to visualise all this in its exhibition. For a preview of the collection, the guide on the exhibition is now available on the CloudGuide App and highlights some of his most influential pieces as well as offering users a deeper insight into his personal life.

A selection of 150 key works from all over the world, including paintings, photographs, objects, works on paper, collages and assemblages and experimental film speaks volumes to the versatility of this artist who laid groundwork for how and what we see as “art” today. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the great works of Man Ray, available now at the Kunstforum Wien!

BOZAR presents the world renowned modern artist: Fernand Léger in its new exhibition!

BY Chanelle Mora

If you’re visiting Brussels this spring, make sure to stop by the BOZAR, as their new and exciting exhibition “Beauty is Everywhere” featuring the awe-inspiring works by the famous artist Fernand Léger opens on February 9th. The exhibition highlights some of Léger’s most magnificent pieces and takes the visitor deep into the world of one of the most versatile and influential artists of the 20th century. The CloudGuide guide offers you a complete look inside this new exhibition to give you a better understanding of Léger’s inspiration and uncovers the influences behind some of his most awe-inspiring pieces. The fast moving society of the last century and his private life have had heavy influences on his works, making this exhibition feel like you’re entering a time capsule. It is rare for such an influential artist to adapt and change form as much as Léger has, and the traces of his versatility are clearly seen in the remarkable BOZAR exhibition that aims to present every facet of this giant.

From Impressionism to his contact with early Cubism, followed by his abstract works and the mechanical period, Léger has successfully stood the test of time and thus earned the title of one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. But Léger’s transgressions didn’t stop there. He constantly changed art forms while staying true to his inspirations. This can be witnessed through our guide that gives a glimpse into the world of Léger and the inspiration behind his works. As new technologies paved the way through the 20th century society, Léger became fascinated with new forms of art and visual communication. His love for Charlie Chaplin and the cinema eventually led to him becoming a motion picture director, choreographer and composer. As if that wasn’t enough, he also designed scenery and backdrops for motion pictures and even took on the role of a costume designer.

The exhibition “Fernand Léger: Beauty is everywhere” is presented by BOZAR, Centre for Fine Arts Brussels. It opens February 9th through June 3rd. Use the guide on our app for more on Léger and learn about the fantastic collection coming to Brussels, here!

CloudGuide among the winners of the Booster Lab in Barcelona!

BY Alexandra Hégo

As some of you may remember, a few weeks ago, CloudGuide was selected to participate in the Booster Lab weekend organized by and Pioneers Discover alongside 10 European startups specialized in sustainable tourism.

This was a great opportunity for us to send two of our founders, Olga Plets and Cristina Pérez Ferrer to connect and learn during this growth accelerator weekend through trainings, workshops and meetings with mentors and experts. The Booster Lab aims to consolidate the company's development and growth plans, while increasing its impact in the sustainable tourism industry. The last day took place around a training session and a pitch presentation focused on CloudGuide's strategy and objectives in this industry.

To end this event in style, we are very proud to announce that the jury awarded us with a fantastic grant of €20,000! During this successful pitch session, Olga and Cristina outlined their business model and proved how CloudGuide was the innovative solution to shed light on unlocked destinations and to demassify tourism of today. And all this work does not stop here. Indeed, for the next 6 months, we will have the opportunity to continue working alongside our mentors and the team on scaling and executing our roadmaps within the mentorship program.

How to sum up these three days? Passion, inspiration, energy and hard-work.

And what do Olga and Cristina say about it?

"It has exceeded all our expectations of what a 3-day acceleration program could be. Great to see the whole team so involved and helpful! Now it's time to make the most of the following mentorship program."

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