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Discover our new guide based on the permanent exhibition of the Ria de Bilbao Maritime Museum!

BY Alexandra Hégo

Divided into two spaces - interior and exterior -, Bilbao's museum permanent exhibition space covers more than 23,000m2. The interior exhibition will show you three major aspects of the physical evolution of the Ria over time: the seaport, the shipyard, the market and the factory. The outdoor exhibition, located in the old dams of the shipyards, will enable you to admire the Grua Carola, real emblem of the museum. Much more than a notable element of heritage, it also testifies the human history of the Ria.

Among the treasures of this exhibition, we find the boats belonging to Bilbao’s shipping companies, models of boats built on the most symbolic shipyards such as Nervión or Euskalduna, or the watercolors of Esteban Bermejo.

Thanks to our guide available in four languages ​​(French, English, Spanish, Basque), you will know everything about the maritime activities of the Bilbao Ria and the port, as well as the maritime culture!

Discover the Rietberg Museum with CloudGuide!

BY Alexandra Hégo

Traveling around the world while staying in the same place? It's possible at the Rietberg Museum in Zurich! The only art institute in Switzerland dedicated to non-European cultures, this museum holds a unique collection of art and objects from non-European countries. Amongst the treasures found are magical sculptures from Africa, Buddhist art from Asia and cult objects from the South and America seas. The Rietberg museum aims to draw the public's attention to the extraordinary diversity of artistic expression forms while at the same time arouse the interest of foreign civilizations, ideas and religion to all of its visitors. but also to arouse its interest in foreign civilizations, ideas or religions.

CloudGuide takes you to India with its temporary exhibition guide on Alice Boner in India - a Life for Art, an incredible artist who has spent more than four decades in the Indian city of Varanasi.

CloudGuide launches a new guide for the Magritte exhibition at the Atomium!

BY Alexandra Hégo

The CloudGuide team is proud to present its new guide for the exhibition “Magritte meets Surrealism” at the Atomium in Brussels, from September 21st to September 10th 2018.

Organized on behalf of the sixtieth anniversary of the Atomium, this exhibition aims to make you discover the extraordinary world of René Magritte and to introduce you to the world of surrealism. Regarded as a theatrical installation, this exhibition immerses you in the spirit of René Magritte through three-dimensional works, soundtracks and lighting games.

Let yourself be inspired by the most significant quotes of the artist and invade with projections illustrating all aspects of his universe.

Discover the artist's life, his deep connection to the Atomium and his most famous works thanks to the CloudGuide Guide available in French, English and Dutch. An audioguide is also downloadable via the app.

Museum partners have grown with its new addition, the Dali Museum of Berlin!

BY Alexandra Hégo

Considered as one of the most extravagant artists of Modern Art, the Catalan surrealist artist Salvador Dalí shows what he’s made of at the Dalí Museum in Berlin. Located in the prominent world cultural and artistic city of Berlin Germany, the Dalí Museum features more than 450 works by the artist and over 2,000 works from private collections worldwide. Discover the virtuoso and experimental mastery of the so-called "Avida Dollars" in almost all artistic techniques.

CloudGuide offers two guides to make the most of your visit! Discover through your mobile app the life of this outstanding genius and the treasures of this rich collection.

CloudGuide has been selected to join the first Booster Labs weekend in Barcelona!

BY Alexandra Hégo

The CloudGuide team is very proud to announce that our company has been selected, along with ten other sustainable tourism startups, by to join the first Booster Labs weekend that will take place in Barcelona from December 1st to December 3rd!

The program comprises of a serie of workshops, experiments, and mentoring, in other words, an intensive startup accelerator and fantastic growth hacking weekend!

To sum up, the Booster Labs weekend will be a great opportunity for CloudGuide to perform in its business and discover new best-practices.

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