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Agenda CloudGuide Week 7th13th Sept

BY Azucena Lozano


You guys, autumn's coming! Which means it's imperative to have a good plan in case rain suddenly comes to spoil a beautiful afternoon walking the city.

Why don't you pull your mobile out and use your favourite app to decide what to do? A General look at the agenda may help, or maybe  you are thinking  about having a bit of art and get to that new and cool exhibition. So here it comes our 4 international arty suggestions to light up that decision

  • Matthew Barney's: River Of Fundament will be opening too at MOCA Los Angeles, LA. Read on for a preview of these exhibitions, which include presentations of work by William Pope.L, Sturtevant, and Matthew Barney just folowing the link.

  • Ludwig Goes Pop says goodbye at Mumok, Vienna on Sunday the 13th. This great show has been one of the most visited, well rated and most significant holdings of Pop Art shown in the austrian capital. It's your turn!

  • And last but no least we would like to highlight, if you are planning to visit the Spanish city capital, the opening of APERTURA Madrid Gallery Weekend,  a celebration of art and culture. Starting next Thursday 10, events will be taking place throughout day and night until Saturday, with 44 contemporary art galleries simultaneously inaugurating their exhibitions.

Don't you think September is great?


Featured Exhibition of the Week: Anna Peters' at IVAM

BY Azucena Lozano


Sometimes our blog tries to surprise you with suggestions that are unconventional and definitely, not mainstream, because we believe art is about risking and transformation forces as well about beauty. Don't you?

As a photo uploaded to our Instagram account we know you follow in real love says 'Culture is not just great texts, it is also Oohs and Aahs', this time art stories join both into Anna Peters' Caso de Estudio as this Friday is our Featured Exhibition of the Week.

Let us tell you a little bit about this great opportunity to learn about brave women making art in the spanish sixties panorama. A slight overview on Anna Peters' work which will be shown at IVAM untilNovember 22th.

With the lema Political mythologies and feminine stereotypes in the Sixties, the exhibition shows artworks and history of the 4 women founders of Estampa Popular, which brought pop art style and iconography taken from the mass media to the spanish conservative morality official dull years of that times. A challenge they faced to influence  a large number of artists, women or not,  who came after her.




Catch up on the latest art news: 4 stories you need to know

BY Azucena Lozano


With September just around the corner, CloudGuide scanned this week brimming show schedule to select 4 not-to-miss agenda  highlights.

We are sure you will love them just as we do...

  • From Barcelona to Istambul
Twelve galleries from Art Barcelona will participate in ArtInternational Istanbul. Opening bridges between East and West, this fair is becoming a meeting point for the contemporary art global scene.
  • Madrid Art Weekend
Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend is an invitation to explore the city in a different way, and to discover the latest from the current creation. Three days to walk the most important cultural institutions of the city; all together, celebrating a party which will open up the city to the contemporary art. Running September 10 to 12 it will sure be highlighted in your agenda.
  • Visa pour l'Image Perpignan
The International  Festival of Photojournalism of Perpignan is a classical unforgettable event which surprise us every year. An exceptional date for thousands of photography lovers  which has become  one of the biggest and most important festival of his kind in the world.
  •  Ingrid Berman, eternal
The last suggestion of this week agenda is a spot to an artist whose memory keeps bravely alive. Last saturday it would have been the 100 aniversary of birth, and also decease, of Ingrid Bergman, a really different actress form the stereotype of the cold blonde hollywood star which was  in vogue in the 40's. She won two Oscars and left us eternal jewels as Casablanca to sigh deeply when we hear 'Play it again, Sam'.


The Featured exhibition of the week: ARSTRONOMY

BY Azucena Lozano


As every Friday, we have a suggestion for artlovers to enjoy the weekend even better than usual. This time, the city is Madrid and the place, La Casa Encendida.

ARSTRONOMY. Incursiones en el cosmos is a collective exhibition that explores the influence of scientific research,  space trips and science fiction in contemporary art through the work of international artist from the 50's such as Keith Haring, Susan Hiller, Mike Kelley, William Kentridge and Yves Klein.

 ARSTRONOMY bring us the obsession of Humanity to reach the unknown in more than twenty artworks: photography, videoart, painting and sculpture  are the language to show that kind of shaking hands, that meeting between science and art that will be open until Sunday, 30th in La Casa Encendida.

We know you are going to love it!


Agenda CloudGuide Week 24th-30th Aug

BY Azucena Lozano


This week is commited to the ending of the cultural season and the summer agenda for events. That is why you need to hurry to see this little short review of the must-see exhibitions. So let's go!

  • At 21er Haus in Vienna, Tomás Saraceno's 'Becoming Aerosolar' is a brave call for attention about sustainability in that slight frontier he use to walk in his work, always between art and science.
  • At the Barcelona MNAC, until sunday 30th we are invited to 'The pictorial unconscious', a dialogue between the videoart collection of Fundació Sorigué and the MNAC collection that was inaugurated at LOOP this year
  • And also in Barcelona, this time at MACBA, the most controversial exhibition of the season, 'The Beast and the Sovereign' which carried forward the curators as well as the director of the museum, will be finishing on sunday.

About openings, we also have some succulent events too that we are sure you would like to check

  • Also in Vienna, at the Albertina Museum, we will be seeing 'Black&White', a review of the graphic art collection of the museum, with more than 10,000 artworks, that now are selected for this special show.
  • As a final highlight we must remark this season exhibit at Tate Britain: a multisensorial experience called 'TATE Sensorium' that comes as a suggestion to enjoy and reinterpretate through the eye, the ear and the taste some selected masterpieces of the best british modern art.


We are sure you could suggest some other hot spots for artlovers this week. Let us know your suggestions on our social media and do not forget to download our app. You will be finding new institutions, new exhibitions and many other new stuff, as usual only 100% official content.

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