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Take a trip and discover the wonderful world of primates at the Museum of Natural Sciences


This immersive exhibition, running until August 26th, allows visitors to explore the diverse range of primates that the world offers, through lively and artistic taxidermy, atmospheric lighting and natural décor. The exhibition, created by the Belgium Museum of Natural Sciences and in partnership with the Parque de las Ciencias (Grenada), allows you to get up close with primates to gain a sense of their power, agility and intelligence. Displays are skilfully designed through the use of natural scenes of which these species were once a part of, allowing the imagination to run wild, no doubt kids will be amazed at what they see and so works great as a family day out. Interactive activities for the whole family such as digital games and incredible imagery will transport visitors into the world of primates, providing knowledge and insight into these incredible animals.

Thanks to the thorough layout of the exhibition visitors will feel as though they are being taken on a journey, escaping their day to day life to explore the world of more than 60 species. It is a chance for individuals to really appreciate these primates by discovering their behaviourisms, how they live, communicate and use tools to obtain food. The exhibit gives us, their close relatives, a thorough understanding and awareness into how we can ensure they remain a significant part of this planet for years to come. It should be noted that the specimens presented were not killed for the exhibition or taken from their natural habitat.

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