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Irish Newspapers Shine Spotlight on the CloudGuide Audio Tour!


CloudGuide’s audio tour of Belfast Zoo has made it onto the pages of both the Irish News and the Belfast News Letter in August. The free audio tour of Belfast Zoo, which contains more than 33 stops and an interactive map, was launched this summer and allows listeners to learn a variety of fun facts about the zoo and its inhabitants. There is even a quiz at the end of the tour to put visitors’ newly gained knowledge to the test!

Belfast Zoo was established in the 1930s and opened its doors to the public in 1934. After difficulties during WW2 and a further decline in the 1950s and 60s, work began to restore the zoo in 1974. Since then, the zoo has gone from strength to strength and is respected across the world for its great efforts in conservation. The zoo is now part over 60 breeding programs as part of their conservation activities and is home to 120 species from across the world - from the Colombian spider monkey to Andean bears and Ireland’s very own black honeybees. Visitors can discover these fascinating creatures and many more at their own pace and in any order they choose with the CloudGuide tour.

The News Letter even explains how to access Cloudguide’s interactive guide by downloading the free app or scanning the QR code, showing how quick and simple the app is to use. Both articles also feature comments from Ashleigh Fox, Belfast Zoo’s Commercial Support Officer, discussing the benefits of the app and the additional educational and entertaining activities offered by the institution. The News Letter is one of Northern Ireland’s main daily newspapers, while the Irish News is Northern Ireland’s largest selling morning newspaper. CloudGuide is so proud of our Belfast Zoo audio guide and is pleased that it has been featured in two leading Northern Irish newspapers.

Don’t miss out, download the CloudGuide app now to listen to Belfast Zoo’s audio tour to learn more about your favourite creatures – and discover new ones!

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