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The Featured exhibition of the week

BY Azucena Lozano


Fundació Tapies will be celebrating their 25th anniversary with the opening of Tapies. Artist Collection. An exhibition that joins a wide selection of the exhibits loaned by Antoni Tapies to his heirs together with his own private collection made with some the most vanguardist contemporary artists such as Picasso, Klee, Kandisnki, Miró and Pollock.

The exhibition, curated  by Núria Homs is a dialogue between genius along the decades of the 40's to final 80's that is completed with personal letters, pictures, invitations, catalogues and books such as Paul Klee diary, a special edition of Max Ernst  La Femme 100 têtes or a selection of Marcel Duchamp working documents.

As complementary activities, there will be courses, conferences and workshops as well as guided visits to all the audiences  with an special nod to those who are 25 during 2015, who will have an open access along the year. Besides, every sunday the museum will open doors for free to enjoy the exhibition.

This remarcable effort to engage audiences to the wide heritage of this catalan and universal artist comes even stronger by the recently published CloudGuide app, available for free as well for Android and iOS.

Do not  miss it!

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