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See the biggest furniture collection in the world!


If you are a fan of the House of Habsburg, the Viennese Modern movement or just Maria Theresa herself - then you’re in for a treat at the Möbel Museum in Vienna! The Hofmobiliendepot Imperial Furniture Collection is one of the biggest collections of its kind in the world, with over 165,000 objects, including a variety of pieces from Emperor Franz’s bedroom, a vintage table from the Palace Ephrussi, the wheelchair of Empress Elisabeth and many more that reflect the dynasties day-to-day life.

Thanks to the Empress Maria Theresa, who established a furniture depository back in 1747, the exhibition now holds more than 6,500 items on display. The large variety of pieces exhibited at the fantastic Möbel Museum, is guaranteed to take you on a journey spanning across three decades and illustrate the evolving furnishing styles fancied by the likes of Prince Eugene of Savoy - from Biedermeier, Historicism to the Viennese Modern movement throughout your visit. It's also important to the note that the furniture items displayed in this incredible collection have all been used to furnish the luxurious Schönbrunn Palace, the world famous Belvedere Palace, the Linz castle and many other imperial residences owned by the Habsburgs.

Visit the Möbel museum in Vienna, take a step back in history and walk the rooms that the the royals once called their home. For a glimpse of the collection and its incredible history download the guide on the CloudGuide App.

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