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Classic audioguides are usually big and clumsy, unhygienic, expensive, heavy and allow no interactivity. Some institutions provide their own official app, but users are left unhappy downloading a separate app for every place they visit. Very often these apps are slow and don't provide official content. On the other hand, background information on the content is usually necessary to fully understand the concept, and people often leave without fully understanding what they saw, confused.

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CloudGuide is the result of months of research and interviews with museums and institutions from all around Europe. Backed by international entrepreneurs and investors, the company has received recognition for its innovative approach from both research institutions and commercial institutions.

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"SPAIN – Nov. 11, 2016 – #### _From now on, CloudGuide users will be able to send museum selfies and postcards from the app while enjoying official guided tours inside of leading cultural institutions._ #### **Barcelona, November 2016 – CloudGuide** , an interactive app fo...

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