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CloudGuide is the leading global sightseeing app, providing incredible interactive visitor experiences for museums and cultural heritage sites across the world.

More than 1000 sites in 26 countries
trust us to provide effective, user-friendly online tours of their monuments, museums and heritage sites. Our motivation is to promote comfortable, easy and smart travelling while helping your audiences get the most out of their visit.

Audio guides have long been the staple of museums and cultural heritage sites to assist their audiences. However, the way visitors use technology at cultural sites is changing quickly, and the younger generations especially are increasingly using their smartphones and devices as sources of information and education.

Apps can be excellent tools to engage with this new generation of visitors and the more streamlined the service, the better – that’s why by using the most effective strategies, CloudGuide unites all the cultural sites and monuments into a single, easy-to-use platform.


CloudGuide’s platform is continually evolving with new features. Here are just a few of them:

Complete Branded Profile


Share useful details with visitors directly on the app (description, hours, accessibility, links to online ticketing, website, donations & newsletter). This will help your audience prepare for their visit and make the most of their trip.

Multimedia Content


Engage, inform and entertain. Create rich multimedia guides: tours supported by text, images, audio and video content. For interactive experiences, location-aware beacon support is available for indoor and outdoor sites. Make the experience accessible for all ages by transforming your guides into interactive quizzes, treasure hunts and more!

Advanced Analytics


Understand the behaviour of your audience: measure engagement and gain deep insights into your visitors profile with our analytics on visiting patterns, demographics, trends, heat maps, and get to know how audiences engage with your content. For best results, we also cross reference the visitor data between different institutions to create a 360° profile.

Extra Revenue


Drive additional revenue: make your tours and guides available for download on demand through in-app purchases and customized ticketing options.

Social Media Integration


Let your visitors to be your best promoters: visitors can share what they love about your tours & guides easily over social media — all through the CloudGuide app.


Our custom-built CMS (Content Management System) is easy to use and is designed and developed specifically for cultural institutions. We only share official content provided directly by the cultural sites, giving you full control over the CMS and the content that is uploaded and published.

Instantly edit, make additions and modifications, and see immediate changes in the App at all times. You can manage everything on your own or have a member of the CloudGuide Team do it for you.



  • Easily upload and combine your texts, images, audios and videos and transform them into immersive indoor guides or outdoor tours.
  • Once you’ve uploaded your content, you can easily preview everything on the CloudGuide App.
  • Want to make changes or forgot something? You can go back to the CMS, make your updates and see immediate results without any delayed response.


  • With the CloudGuide CMS and your device, you can test and perfect your content in restricted view mode.
  • Happy with the results? Hit the publish button and instantly see your interactive guides & tours come to life on the App.
  • Once published, your content is instantly available on all iOS and Android devices. Forget about any tech issues or updates, we take care of it so you can fully focus on your story.


  • To make the most of your guides & tours and benefit from our features we help you improve the way you communicate with your audience with the right promotional tools.
  • CloudGuide provides you with creative marketing tools and materials to help you promote your content onsite.
  • Get to know the best online promotional technics and receive our support to improve the way you engage with your audience and get more marketing exposure.


We work directly and exclusively with the cultural heritage sites to create entertaining and comprehensive guides, so all the content shared by CloudGuide comes directly from you.
You also keep full rights of the content used and can manage it directly via the platform, which gives you total control.
The CloudGuide App is a vital ingredient to increase and improve overall user engagement with your site, attract new audiences and give visitors a great, long-lasting experience.