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Rochester Museum & Science Center

Immerse yourself in the incredible world of science. Follow your curiosity from the depths of the oceans to the edge of the universe. Push the limits of your imagination to create never-before-seen inventions. All at the Science Museum, Strasenburgh Planetarium and Cumming Nature Center.

As Rochester’s hub of lifelong science learning, RMSC lets you experience the thrill of invention and innovation. Enjoy our 106-year tradition of science learning at the newly renovated Strasenburgh Planetarium, 900-acre Cumming Nature Center, and Science Museum with 200+ hands-on exhibits. Discovery and wonder await around every turn.

Science Museum
Discover your AHA! moment in Inventor Center, a participatory maker space, as you power a city, harness the wind, or launch a catapult; explore real-time weather events on Earth and other planets on the interactive globe in Science on a Sphere; make light bend and shadows dance using 21st century technology in Illumination: The World of Light and Optics; and marvel at the power of energy in Electricity Theater, one of the first musical twin-Tesla coil experiences in the country capable of emitting 11-foot arcs of lighting. With 1.2 million collection items and iconic dioramas, RMSC also invites you to immerse yourself in rich exhibits that explore our region’s past and present.

Strasenburgh Planetarium
Our four-story dome is your window to the universe. Travel to the farthest reaches of outer space, peer inside at the tiniest atoms that make up our own bodies, and experience the starry night sky closer than ever before. The Planetarium has been inspiring, exciting, and astonishing visitors since it opened in 1968. Experience for yourself the magnificence of our universe like you’ve never seen it before, through immersive star shows, laser shows that combine classic rock with dazzling light effects, and free public telescope viewing on the Planetarium roof (weather permitting).


Free parking available at all locations.

RMSC is universally accessible.

RMSC is a smoke-free/tobacco-free campus.


Take the I-490 Expressway.
Exit at Culver Road.
Go north on Culver Road.
Turn left on East Avenue.
Proceed approximately one mile to 657 East Avenue.
Turn left onto the campus for FREE parking.


Science Museum Admission
Adults $15
Seniors and college students with ID: $14
Ages 3 – 18: $13

Museum and Planetarium Same-day Combined Admission
Adults: $21
Seniors and college students with ID: $19
Ages 3 – 18: $18


OPENING HOURS: next days Tue  09:00-17:00
Wed  09:00-17:00
Thu  09:00-17:00
Fri  09:00-17:00
Sat  09:00-17:00
Sun  11:00-17:00
Mon  09:00-17:00
Tue  09:00-17:00

East Avenue 657
14607 Rochester
New York
United States


  • Rochester Museum & Science Center



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