The Kunstforum Wien is currently introducing the fantastic artist, Man Ray, in its temporary exhibition this February! So of you’re in Vienna anytime between February and June - be sure to check it out!

Man Ray is best known as a photographer, but he achieved worldwide recognition for his amazing portraits and groundbreaking rayographs which he produced without the use of a camera (to see examples of his rayographs, check the guide on our app)! His career goes further than just photography (notable publications include Harper's Bazaar and Vogue) as he invested his talents in typography, book and magazine design, creating films and objects - thus providing an enviable scope for Kunstforum to visualise all this in its exhibition. For a preview of the collection, the guide on the exhibition is now available on the CloudGuide App and highlights some of his most influential pieces as well as offering users a deeper insight into his personal life.

A selection of 150 key works from all over the world, including paintings, photographs, objects, works on paper, collages and assemblages and experimental film speaks volumes to the versatility of this artist who laid groundwork for how and what we see as “art” today. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the great works of Man Ray, available now at the Kunstforum Wien!