The two new entries at CloudGuide this week both have something very special in common: first, they are both based in Berlin, the capital of Germany and second, they are both focused on spreading the beauty of science and technology.

We are of course talking about the Museum of Technology (Deutsches Technikmuseum) and the Science Center Spectrum, two associated institutions located downtown between the Kreuzberg and Mitte district.

On the outside of the Technikmuseum, visitors can enjoy the beautiful park, characterized by two mills (water and wind), a smithy and a brewery. While inside, visitors can immerse themselves in an immense collection which combines scientific tools, locomotives, planes, and paper machines... just to name a few.

In addition to displaying a fantastic collection for visitors to enjoy, the museum invites people of all ages to physically assist in demonstrations, including touching and experimenting first hand!

The ultimate goal of the museum is to arouse curiosity and to educate, while at the same time, encouraging their audience to ask themselves a large array of everyday questions: “What is this? How was it made? What was it for? Did it change the world? What does it mean to me?”.

Once you finish your visit at the Technikmuseum and are looking to fulfill your curiosity some more, you can luckily find the answers just next door at the Science Center Spectrum, where interactive exhibits take place in a 1,400 m² space.

The use of the five sense are required to embrace the whole experience, this also explains why the Center plays such an important role in the public education system.

Let yourself be led, during this discovery process, by both your curiosity (of course) and our CloudGuide App!