Cloudguide is proud to announce that Viennese TBA21 has just launched their new app with us this week. This innovative, contemporary gallery is now showing a solo exhibition by Carsten Höller, LIEBEN, which is a highly recommended experience that has been prolongued until January, 4th due to the success of visitors.

Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary is collaborating with Belvedere, Vienna, to bring a selected bunch of pieces from the Höller universe to offer unexpected moments, a diferent kind of logic, as curator Daniela Zyman refers. We are allowed, and invited, to sleep in an elevated bed available for overnight booking, to float for a while in the Psycho Tank, or to take a walk in the Augarten gardens sourrounded by giant hybrid mushrooms... A must to be underlined on the Vienna Art Week visitors agenda, who will find in TBA21 a chance to fight conventionnal knowledge and utilitarian rationality at the same time. It is fair to say that, in just a decade, the consistent focus on exciting, cutting edge art discourse has transformed Vienna Art Week from a high-profile network of art experts into an internationally recognized arts festival.

Along with this joyful radical change, technological tools have come to make closer and more accesible the understanding of arts, and some institutions have accepted the challenge to help their audiences to be engaged and play an active role.

TBA21 is one of this fully aware example that commitment and passion to arts fits both visitors and professionals, just like we think in Cloudguide.