September 2018 was a very exciting start to a rigorous 3 month program in which two of CloudGuide’s founders, Olga Plets, CEO and Cristina Perez, COO, were selected to represent the company in the Techstars Paris intensive program. Although the program itself has come to an end, the experience and the insights gained are for life.

The 3 month period, consisted in a variety of guided exercises, mentor conversations, and open feedback sessions allowing us to reflect on accelerating the company, growing our network and gaining traction. Techstars also provided us with the opportunity of working alongside some of the industry’s most talented founders, mentors, investors and industry leaders as well as 10 other international companies. Being a part of this amazing program and having guidance from the Techstars Managing Director and Program Manager has opened up for us many doors and opportunities as well as helped greatly in our development as a continuously growing company.

All in all, this was a fantastic opportunity for CloudGuide, one that has empowered us and allowed us to gain us the right resources and tools in order to help us to keep moving in the right direction.