Museums at Night is an international yearly event that happens simultaneously in more than 40 countries. All kind of cultural institutions open doors to offer not only exhibitions but a whole range of activities specially designed for families, teenagers and of course, those who are particularly devoted to art circuits. This is a highlighted item in the current agenda of museums and related institutions.

The response among the public keeps doing really well and it is not strange to find  long lines of people queuing for more than half an hour but, instead of considering that displeasure a problem, when they are ask for reasons why they are standing for such a long time at the museum entrance, they seldom recognize free prizes are a motivation. And that is a key point: prize is not the reason why they are visiting a museum.

This weekend we were celebrating the 11th edition of this event fostered by the European Council and, as we could check in Barcelona, it is not running out of steam, not even by a long shot. According to official sources, there were more than 150 thousand people visiting the 81 city institutions joining the iniciative with 13 new cultural centres which were opening doors to activities, workshops and other events specially designed for this occasion. The general playful spirit came to show that engaging culture is not only entertainment but an open call to  citizens to participate.

Visiting that emblematic or maybe secret monumental site that we always leave for a better moment  and above all, the fact of doing that all with other people is a really good way to get together in a friendly, suggestive and creative enviroment. If we think on measuring the results of Museums at Night, beyond great rates of participation, there are voices of visitors claiming that they really have fun. And that is, for sure, a wake-up call to those who believe that museums are boring.