CloudGuide is pleased to announce the release of the audio guides of the Parks and Monuments of Sintra. Visitors can now use their mobile device to visit monuments with the assistance of a multimedia audio guide and discover the most romantic journey through the National Palace of Sintra, the National Palace of Pena and the Chalet of the Countess of Edla, the National Palace of Queluz, the Park and Palace of Monserrate and the Convent of Capuchos in English and Portuguese.* 
Sintra’s cultural landscape is an exceptional mixture of natural and cultural sites within a distinct framework and it was the first European site to be listed by UNESCO as a Cultural Landscape. The parks and monuments visit, which should take several days in order to appreciate the different sites, include ancient hermitage retreats, rare and exotic gardens and majestic panoramas from the palaces' balconies.
Download the CloudGuide App, look for the different Parks and Monuments of Sintra and take your chance to wander through this Portuguese fairy tale landscape!

*More languages to be released soon.