Divided into two spaces - interior and exterior -, Bilbao's museum permanent exhibition space covers more than 23,000m2. The interior exhibition will show you three major aspects of the physical evolution of the Ria over time: the seaport, the shipyard, the market and the factory. The outdoor exhibition, located in the old dams of the shipyards, will enable you to admire the Grua Carola, real emblem of the museum. Much more than a notable element of heritage, it also testifies the human history of the Ria.

Among the treasures of this exhibition, we find the boats belonging to Bilbao’s shipping companies, models of boats built on the most symbolic shipyards such as Nervión or Euskalduna, or the watercolors of Esteban Bermejo.

Thanks to our guide available in four languages ​​(French, English, Spanish, Basque), you will know everything about the maritime activities of the Bilbao Ria and the port, as well as the maritime culture!