If you’re visiting Brussels this spring, make sure to stop by the BOZAR, as their new and exciting exhibition “Beauty is Everywhere” featuring the awe-inspiring works by the famous artist Fernand Léger opens on February 9th. The exhibition highlights some of Léger’s most magnificent pieces and takes the visitor deep into the world of one of the most versatile and influential artists of the 20th century. The CloudGuide guide offers you a complete look inside this new exhibition to give you a better understanding of Léger’s inspiration and uncovers the influences behind some of his most awe-inspiring pieces. The fast moving society of the last century and his private life have had heavy influences on his works, making this exhibition feel like you’re entering a time capsule. It is rare for such an influential artist to adapt and change form as much as Léger has, and the traces of his versatility are clearly seen in the remarkable BOZAR exhibition that aims to present every facet of this giant.

From Impressionism to his contact with early Cubism, followed by his abstract works and the mechanical period, Léger has successfully stood the test of time and thus earned the title of one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. But Léger’s transgressions didn’t stop there. He constantly changed art forms while staying true to his inspirations. This can be witnessed through our guide that gives a glimpse into the world of Léger and the inspiration behind his works. As new technologies paved the way through the 20th century society, Léger became fascinated with new forms of art and visual communication. His love for Charlie Chaplin and the cinema eventually led to him becoming a motion picture director, choreographer and composer. As if that wasn’t enough, he also designed scenery and backdrops for motion pictures and even took on the role of a costume designer.

The exhibition “Fernand Léger: Beauty is everywhere” is presented by BOZAR, Centre for Fine Arts Brussels. It opens February 9th through June 3rd. Use the guide on our app for more on Léger and learn about the fantastic collection coming to Brussels, here!