In the everyday life we are continuously confronted with environmental themes, but the occidental culture is still a bit immune in this concern. Or better, we know how we should behave best, but we don’t always do it. We know we should recycle and try to waste as little as possible, we know we should save water, we know we should buy only certificated goods and we know we should try to use eco-friendly products. The thing is, even though problems are undeniable, we try to ignore them.  

The new exhibition of the Modern Art Oxford, Future Knowledge, fits exactly in this schema. Different artists, designers and thinkers come together to offer fascinating and different creative responses to environmental concerns.

Lucy Kimbell, Tania Kovats, Eline McGeorge and Rachel Sussman are showing their best works, with the aim to raise the awareness of the effects of climate change. It is a union of different thought-provoking artworks, prototypes and projects, which go from domestic wallpaper that changes color in response to air pollution, to a large sculpture “lung” made from a pioneering organic building material. The whole exhibition is an answer to the question how artistic inquiry and creative ecological design might generate new perspectives on climate change.

The exhibition opens with a floor drawing, the remains of the marks of Eve Mutso’s pointe shoes as she performed on the evening of the preview party. This drawing is reflecting on the interconnectedness of all living beings over vast timescale. From there on you can first admire all the artworks of the different artist and further on get in touch with environmental innovations, revealing new site-specific methods for understanding our domestic and local relationships to systems of production, systematic waste and inadvertent pollution.

To conclude, the last room is used as a public studio, where events are organized and people can come together to discuss the themes they have seen in the museum.  It is a place where questions are asked, ideas are shared and future possibilities imagined. Discover all you need to know when you download the CloudGuide app !