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Celebrating women in 2018!


In her acceptance speech at the 90th Academy Awards, best actress winner Frances McDormand used her platform to applaud all the brave women in the film industry, an industry shaken by the accusations of sexual harassment and unequal pay. As the crowd applauded in her honour, McDormand asked the female nominees in every category to stand with her and look around the vast Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, witnessing the joy in each of theinspirational women’s eyes as she addressed the imbalances and required more diversity in the industry.

After years of facing criticism for speaking out on their rights, last year has marked an epiphany in our society. Women’s voices are ultimately being heard and history is being written in front of our eyes. Unequal pay, sexual harassment, gender, racial and many other injustices that women have faced through history have resulted in the creation of inspiring social movements such as the #MeToo movement or the Time’s up movement, gathering groups of women and empowering them in controlling their lives, claiming their rights and once and for all breaking the stigma of women in business. CloudGuide is proud to be an example of a successful business founded and ran by women. We are honoured to be on the forefront of the changes our society is going through and delighted to have a majority of female employees. Although we celebrate Women’s Day with joy, proud of the work we’ve done so far, it is also important to remember those women who are still victims of oppressive cultures and grasp the work that is yet to be done. While a good step forward, women have to hold their ground now more than ever and be and inspiration to others so that the generations to follow can be born into the world of equality, love and respect.


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