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CloudGuide is an official Digital Partner of #MuseumWeek 2019!


If you are a museum enthusiast like us, you’ll be pleased to know about our digital partnership this year with #MuseumWeek, the worlds biggest social media event around cultural institutions. Last year more than 5000 cultural institutions across 120 countries took part in the initiative, and 2019 is looking even better!

Thousands of museums, galleries, science centers and cultural institutions worldwide are invited to celebrate culture over 7 days, 7 themes, 7 hashtags between May 13th – May 19th 2019. This is a fantastic opportunity for institutions to organize special events online and/or offline in order to engage their visitors in fun and educational cultural experiences and activities.

The theme for this year’s sixth edition, and the fil rouge of the event, will be: #WomenInCulture, in order to celebrate the worldwide movement and the role of women in culture yesterday, today, and tomorrow. This means, that in addition to the daily hashtags, all cultural institutions are encouraged to share publications around the #WomenInCulture hashtag throughout the week. The remaining themes include: #SecretsMW (Tuesday, May 14th), #PlayMW (Wednesday, May 15th), #RainbowMW (Thursday, May 16th), #ExploreMW (Friday, May 17th), #PhotoMW (Saturday, May 18th) and #FriendsMW (Sunday, May 19th). If you want more info, you can check out the program on the #MuseumWeek website here .

In light of this year’s inspiring theme, CloudGuide will be creating a special #MuseumWeek profile available on our app throughout the week for all of our global users. Everyday users will have the chance to discover 7 guides based on the hashtag of the day and on the main theme for 2019; #WomenInCulture. The content itself, will be coming directly from institiutions in the CloudGuide community in order to encourage international visibility as well as offering more interest to their visitors.

We are looking forward to sharing this fantastic worldwide movement on CloudGuide’s social media accounts, where we’ll provide you lots of stories about empowering women in culture, art, innovation and so much more. 

Get ready, #MuseumWeek is on its way!

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