Only 2 weeks left until MuseumWeek is upon us and we hope you are just as excited as us!

As the culture sector rises from a lockdown this is an excellent opportunity for cultural institutions to connect and engage with their audiences. You may already know the themes and hashtags are devoted to creativity and creating original content but we would like to help you by giving you some tips and go more in-depth with the hashtags for this year. So take notes and prepare your posts!

(Monday, June 7th) #OnceUponAtimeMW: Every story has a beginning, but how exactly did this beginning come to a stand? Share some short stories about the start of trends, artistic eras or well-known people. You could even share the first couple of lines of your favourite book.

(Tuesday, June 8th)#BehindTheScenesMW: This hashtag is committed to showing how the life of a museum looks like behind the scenes. Share a story about your museum’s daily life, or perhaps your institution keeps secrets that your audience doesn’t know about? Share a new perspective of your museum that your visitors haven’t seen before.

(Wednesday, June 9th) #ChildrensEyesMW: There is always a child in every adult! Share a story about your museum or an exhibition as to how a child would have imagined it. Which questions could come up in a kid’s head when they are visiting your institution and what would his or her feelings be?

(Thursday, June 10th) #EurekaMW: The meaning of this phrase is “I’ve figured it out!”. Throughout the years there have been many inventors in history, science and art that helped transform the world into what it is today. Let the people discover some of these people that you think had the most influence.

(Friday, June 11th) #CaptionThisMW: Everybody loves Fridays! The interactivity and creativity between museums and their audience are important. Let the audience play around the paintings’ titles and challenge them with different content from your museum. Let their imagination go crazy!

(Saturday, June 12th) #ArtIsEverywhereMW: Creativity surrounds us but we just need to look more closely. Show the inside and outside of your building where you have found unintended art. This way you can demonstrate creativity and a distinct perspective of your institution.

(Sunday, June 13th) #WordsForTheFutureMW: To end this years’ MuseumWeek, we would like you to leave a note, a photo or a video for future generations or even your future self. This is a great way to challenge your audience to project their future, hopes and dreams.

Those are this year's 7 hashtags. Do you already have some ideas in your mind? If not, don’t worry, you still have plenty of time to come up with some creative solutions and we would love to see them. Make sure to play around with your content and interact with your audience. The more creative your posts are, the better! Follow MuseumWeek Social Media Channels to get the most of your inspiration!

What are you waiting for?