Cloudguide is deploying ibeacons technologies to museums with very good results. We think the audience will find in them the possibility to interact in the rooms in a highly ludic and attractive way, but what are we talking about when we refer Ibeacons?

This technology involves an indoor geolocalization system that send out proximity signals to our smartphone by Bluetooth, so we may receive specific content without needing QR codes or additional downloads. The applications in sectors such as retail, turism and creative industries (videogames, cultural institutions) are rising fast thanks to the welcome audience is showing to this ibeacons development, as far as they may get notifications, promotions, different payment options when shopping, or additional information as the availability of a product, a wi-fi connection in the shop or even linking the official app. As an example, if we are members of a customer loyalty program, the shopper assistant may know what we use to buy them and offer an special discount based on our likes in past adquisitions. It’s a real world of possibilities.

When we implement this technology to museum sector, this possibilities we were talking are no fewer nor smaller. Besides finding us indoors and identifying exactly our position in the tour (that’s an interesting point when we visit huge museum buildings), it is important to remark that we may focus and enjoy artpieces without following any guide, audioguide or app: information about the pieces will come to us, no searching. There have been diferent experiences with clue games, so funny for kids and not-so-kids people, which have been developed by museums as Rubens House in Antwerp, or the New Museum in New York, that includes educative apps as extra contents. The access to the Activities Agenda, a link to join the Friends of the Museum Association or the gifgt shop, are also availables.

Cloudguide is developing this possibilities already in Barcelona, in collaboration with The Modern Museum of European Art MEAM, as a pioneer in this experience.

We will be soon posting more information about this pilot program that is being so joyful to us. Please keep on reading our blog!