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Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg

It took only five months from the initial idea in July 2000 until the construction of the first section started. Just eight months later, in August of 2001, the Miniatur Wunderland opened with its first three theme worlds. By today we already have 9 complete sections.

In the following time, literally hundreds of ideas for a concept were collected, to create a site which would offer a great experience to every member of a family. It shouldn’t be a site behind glass barriers, but a complete model theme world in which the trains would be only one of many highlights. “Our idea was to build a world that would inspire men, women and children to dream and to be amazed.” was how Gerrit Braun described the basic idea.


Important note: We offer exclusive evenings for wheelchair users. Please see below for further information.

Can wheelchair users visit Miniatur Wunderland?
Our entire exhibition is accessible, so you may get around easily. We would like to point out some details in advance, so that you can have a relaxed, enjoyable and unforgettable time at Wunderland.

Parking spaces for disabled visitors
In addition to the parking lot directly in front of Miniatur Wunderland, there are two parking spaces for visitors with disabilities at the bridge "Auf dem Sande". In addition, you will find a number of parking garages in the vicinity.

For entering Miniatur Wunderland, please use our main entrance. There is a lift to overcome the first four steps. In order to use it, please send someone of your party to our cash desk on the 2nd floor, and an employee will unlock the lift for you. If you are visiting Wunderland alone, please call the phone number indicated on the lift (+49 40 300 6 800). One of our employees will immediately come down. Please also let our staff know when you are leaving Miniatur Wunderland, and someone will accomany you downstairs. Of course, if you have questions or need help during your visit, we are happy to assist you at any time. Wheelchair users with e-wheelchairs please note, that the wheelchairlift is only able to carry a maximum of 300 kg (660 lb, wheelchair including person).

Inside Wunderland, an elevator provides access from the entrance floor, where the shop and the bistro are located, to all exhibition floors. The elevator and fully accessible toilets are displayed on the map that you will receive at the cash desk upon entering Wunderland.

Wheelchair Mondays – our service for disabled visitors
It is difficult for wheelchair users to enjoy the exhibition on well-attended days. It can be quite crowded and spaces close to the railing, that would allow a good view, are scarce. Therefore, we offer a special service for wheelchair users and people with disabilities: About every 4-8 weeks, usually on Mondays, we host an evening called "Wheelchair Mondays". On those nights you can enjoy the Wunderland stress-free (of course, together with a companion).


Many roads lead to Wonderland: The Miniatur Wunderland is centrally located in Hamburg's Speicherstadt and can easily be reached by bike, train, bus or car.

The Miniatur Wunderland is centrally located in the Speicherstadt (the historic ware house district) of Hamburg. It can be reached conveniently by bike, metro, bus and car.

The Speicherstadt lies in the heart of Hamburg, between Rathaus (town hall) and the famous Elbphilharmonie. Right in front of the Miniatur Wunderland stops bus line 6, the nearest subway station is called Baumwall (U3) an the next tram station is Stadthausbrücke (S1 & S3)

In front of our building, there's also a StadtRAD-Station (city bike station) and a parking lot.

- Public Transportation:
The Miniatur Wunderland is perfectly connected to the public tranportation system, called HVV, so you can reach us by Bus, U-Bahn (subway) or S-Bahn (urban railway).


Baumwall (U3, walking distance approx. 6 minutes)
Messberg (U1, walking distance approx. 10 minutes)
Überseequartier (U4, walking distance approx. 12 minutes)
Stadthausbrücke (S1 and S3, walking distance approx. 10 minutes)
Bus stop "Speicherstadt - Auf dem Sande" (line 6, walking distance approx. 1 minute)
Finding the best connection is easy via the website of the HVV. We already inserted the destination. So all you have to do is fill in your starting point and the system will show you the fastest route: Go to the HVV-time table.

- Parking:
44 parking spaces have been reserved directly in front of the Miniatur Wunderland building. The parking fee is 1.50 € per hour. This helps us to cover the costs at least to a small extent. Please note that during peak times, we can't guarantee that there will always be parking spaces available. Below, we listed some alternatives, even though they are more expensive than our parking lot. You will surely find some parking space in the surrounding area, but it might take a while and possibly it will not be free of charge. That's why we recommend our visitors to use the public transportation system.

- StadtRAD & Car-Sharing:
Nowadays, it's no problem to get around Hamburg without a car on your own. You can rent cars, bikes or scooters everywhere. If the weather is nice, we recommend that you hire a bike from StadtRAD.

There are 148 hiring/returning points throughout Hamburg, one of them (named "Auf dem Sande") directly in front of the Miniatur Wunderland. The first 30 minutes are free of charge. Hiring a bike is easily done at every hiring station by smart phone, debit or credit card. It is the best way to exlore the city, the Speicherstadt and the Miniature Wunderland, especially in sunny weather. For further information, please visit the website of StadtRAD.

Another option would be car-sharing: Hamburg has two large car-sharing companies by now, DriveNow und car2go. Their vehicles are to be found at almost every corner. If you want to use the service, you are requested to register with the provider first. Once that's done, you can simply find and book the cars via smartphone.

- Walking:
The Miniature Wunderland is centrally located in the famous historic Speicherstadt. If you have enough time, the best way to reach us would be by foot. The walk is really worth it! It only takes about 15 minutes from the city center, town hall and Alster river to the Speicherstadt. Or if you come from the Landungsbrücken, you can walk for about 20 minutes along the Elbe river and get a great view of the Elbphilharmonie en route. (Attention: At the moment, there is quite a bit of construction along the promenade, so detours might be necessary.) Also, the HafenCity is right round the corner and can be reached within just a few minutes.

The Speicherstadt is the cultural and touristic heart of Hamburg. No matter what direction you start from, it can be reached easily and on beautiful routes by foot. And it is the most environment-friendly option. :)


Children smaller than 1 meter/3 feet (accompanied by a parent) free of charge
Children under 16 years 7.50 €
Adults 15.00 €
Seniors (ages 65+) (please bring ID as proof of age) 13.00 €
School children / studens / federal service volunteers (please bring relevant ID) 11.00 €
severely handicapped persons Adults (please bring handicapped ID) * 10.00 €
severely handicapped persons Children (please bring handicapped ID) * 5.00 €
Wheelchair users (Please also see our offer "Wheelchair Monday") * 5.00 €
Recipients of unemployment benefits/Hartz 4-recipients (please bring relevant ID) 10.00 €
Children of recipients of unemployment benefits/Hartz 4-recipients (please bring relevant ID) 5.00 €
Annual Pass, adults 80.00 €
Annual Pass, children 40.00 €


OPENING HOURS: next days Mon  09:30-18:00
Tue  09:30-18:00
Wed  09:30-18:00
Thu  09:30-18:00
Fri  09:30-18:00
Sat  09:30-18:00
Sun  09:30-18:00
Mon  09:30-18:00

Kehrwieder 2
20457 Hamburg


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