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CloudGuide is the only smartphone application bringing 100% official content from a single, beautifully designed interface. Our platform welcomes museums, monuments, parks and art galleries. A trusted, worldwide represented channel to get easier access to official content, interact, engage visitors, gather statistics, and much more.

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What is CloudGuide?


CloudGuide is a new channel for culture and travel. A fast, interactive and easy-to-use app for visitors, with a complete management platform for institutions to offer an upgraded multimedia experience and interact with visitors. We only host 100% official content, our guarantee.

CloudGuide was born to help cultural institutions make the step to offer multimedia content. Classic audio guides are expensive in maintenance and not well accepted by visitors. Apps designed from scratch require technical knowledge and often get neglected once the novelty wears off, as they require continuous technical updates. Finally, many smartphone applications don't have an intuitive interface, or mix official content with random content taken from the Internet.

CloudGuide is a new channel and does not aim to replace any current technologies. Time will tell how visitors really prefer to access content, as it will be the visitors themselves who will demand which technology is more suitable.

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CloudGuide is the result of months of research and interviews with institutions from all around Europe. Backed by international entrepreneurs and investors, the company has received recognition for its innovative approach from both research institutions as well as commercial institutions.

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CloudGuide is thrilled to announce that we are now officially a Techstars backed company! Find out more:

Sept. 13, 2018

Thanks to the partnership of CloudGuide with the Ministry of Culture of Spain, worldwide users can enjoy the best Spanish Cultural Heritage . The 16 National Museums are now available in the app!

April 13, 2017

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