iBeacon and indoor localization

CloudGuide fully supports the iBeacon protocol to optimize the visitors flow and innovate with the latest technology.

CloudGuide supports iBeacons

What is iBeacon?

Beacons can be generally described as small, battery-operated devices that emit a radio signal at a certain interval. In this case, they operate using Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE), which is version 4 of the Bluetooth standard.

iBeacon is a trademark of Apple, not a technology in itself, and describes how components should interact, how the data they send is structured, and how software and hardware should behave to become iBeacon compliant. CloudGuide supports all beacons that comply with the iBeacon specification.

Beacons are generally used to detect the proximity of an object, and display information related to that object. This greatly improves the flux of people through a museum, for example, as they will be amazed by the information without having to go search for it.

Beacons support in CMSs

CloudGuide gives you complete freedom.

Beacons are cheap devices and easy to source. CloudGuide does not lock you to any specific vendor: if it complies with the iBeacon standard, we support it.

With direct integration in the CMS and free tutorials, CloudGuide enables you to do a complete iBeacon implementation in a matter of hours, without expensive quotes or managing big projects.

Once implemented, visitors will no longer have to scan QR codes or type numbers in the keypad, as the information will be brought at their fingertips in the wave of a signal. The app anticipates as it knows in which room the visitor is, and a better flux through the building is achieved.

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