Institutions continuously try to make the visitor's experience more interactive, and in recent years there has been a clear trend in displaying content on mobile devices.

Some institutions and museums develop their own apps, others share one with a couple of other museums, but the majority don't have the resources and knowledge to enter this new domain. Those that do have some resources available usually don't have an in-house IT specialist, and the outcome can be less pleasing; slow HTML5-based technologies, no offline functionalities, no innovation and few updates because of the associated cost.

Many less resourceful institutions also have limited access to professional recording services. CloudGuide has contracted good rates in worldwide recording centres and is able to offer these services straight from the platform along with translations and other value added services.

  • Adapted to your needs

    CloudGuide's app fits any institution, museum, gallery, monument, park or other sight of interest. The app can be used simultaneously with the museum audioguide or any other communication channel currently being offered.

  • Innovation leading

    CloudGuide's technical department keeps innovating and adding new features to our products, while safeguarding stability. Institutions will no longer stay behind the newest "tech" trends and all subscriptions include free updates to the newest version of CloudGuide technology.

  • Socially empowered

    CloudGuide connects institutions and their visitors, and gives them the possibility to share their experience on the social networks. Special features are included to support guided tours and improve the immersion for students and educational departments.

  • Audience studies

    CloudGuide leverages Big Data technology to discover trends, insights, and analytics from your institution and its environment.

  • Focus on UX and Design

    With a clear and simple design, and a strong focus on the user experience, CloudGuide was designed with a broad user target in mind. The visitor's app is native, free and has no in-app advertising banners or spyware.

  • Security

    In order to comply with legal restrictions, the app is well secured and content can be encrypted while on the visitor's device. Along with configurable expiry dates for guides and content, institutions get peace of mind regarding the global deployment of their work. Copyright policies can be applied to individual images and texts to display copyright info or prevent users from sharing this content.


We prepared a range of subscription plans so every institution can find one which fits their needs.

Content Management System

CloudGuide technology includes a Content Management System to upload all content, change configuration parameters and interact with visitors.
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