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Frequent Questions for Visitors

Will the use of the CloudGuide app cause 3G network usage and thus insane costs while abroad?
CloudGuide puts the user in control. By default the content will be streamed, so only the data that you request will be downloaded. If you want to avoid that behaviour, you can pre-download the content per exhibition in offline packages. In the case of the offline caching, there will be very low traffic use by CloudGuide, only textual content, such as tags and notes you may make. If you want to cut any connections by CloudGuide, go to the application's Settings and choose to completely disable all 3G traffic. In that case CloudGuide will only connect to the internet over WiFi, when available.

How much does the CloudGuide app cost?
The mobile app is free, so feel free to download it and start playing. Some institutions might ask a small contribution per guide to help with the cost of the development, the translations and the audio recordings. Usually this cost is a lot lower than what you would have paid for the traditional audioguide, so you keep saving.

Who writes the content of the guides? Can I trust the information?
All content is official and provided by the institutions. CloudGuide does not put any extra information from unverified sources.

If I buy the multimedia guide for some institution, can I keep it forever?
No, institutions are free to put their own expiry date. At the moment of buying the guide, you will find that expiry date in the overview. This expiry date is necessary to help institutions comply with the legal restrictions they may have.

iBeacon support does not seem to work?
iBeacon is supported by CloudGuide from version 2.5.1 and iOS version 8. Additionally, permanent localization needs to be enabled in your privacy settings: go to Settings, CloudGuide, Location Services and choose Always. iBeacon localization does not work while your device is in flight mode.

Opening maps on my Android device doesn't seem to work?
Please update your device to Android 4.4 or newer. Alternatively, if you use an older version of the Android operating system, follow the instructions in the app to update the specific component.

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