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Casa Batlló

Casa Batlló, more than just a building, is a legend of art, architecture and design. Built between 1904 and 1906 by Antoni Gaudí, at the height of his career, it is an expression of a remarkable creative freedom and of perfection in a very unusual form.

The house, originally built by Emili Sala Cortés in 1877, was acquired by the textile industrialist Don Josep Batlló y Casanovas in 1903, and it was he who commmissioned Gaudí to remodel the building completely. Antoni Gaudí was involved in all aspects of this: the architecture, design, colour and light, making an original, fanstastical and highly imaginative facade with allegorical representations, bursting with life, symbolism and colours.

The Noble Floor is full of light and resplendent with curving shapes, and includes a majestic gallery in he main rrom and a private courtyard within the building well. The design of its various spaces and the tratment of the materials used combined with the quality and sheer volume of wood, the 4 leaded windows, the Montjuic sandstone, the iron, ceramics and trencadís mosaic tiling, are clear proof of the command, creativity and ingenuity of this great master architect.

Gaudí enlarged the building well and covered the walls from top to buttom in relief glazed tiles in varying shades of blue, which are darker in colour at the top and lighter towards the bottom, this achieving and even distribution of the light while at the same time evoking an impression of the sea. He worked on every aspecto of the building well as carefully as though it were an external facade.

The Loft, an area of well-ventilated sweeping spaces on the top florr, i reminiscent of Mediterranean architecture and stands out on account of its arrangement of arches. In it, you can appreciate the structure of ribs and breastbone which create the parabolic arches, evoking the belly of a dragon.

The minimalist spiral lead to the roof terrace which is dominated by the prominenece of the dragon’s back, which is so important to the overall artistic equilibrium of the facade, along with the four groups of chimneys which satisfy both esthetic and funtional criteria.


The tour is suitable for people with visual, hearing or mobility problems.

Casa Batlló offers:

- Braille Model of Noble Floor

- Braille text in several languages

- Lift for Disabled


Adults (+18) : 23.50€
Juniors (7-18): 20.50€
Students: 20.50€
Seniors (+65): 20.50€
Residents in Barcelona (Prov.): 15.00€
Children (-7): Free


OPENING HOURS: next days Tue  09:00-21:00
Wed  09:00-21:00
Thu  09:00-21:00
Fri  09:00-21:00
Sat  09:00-21:00
Sun  09:00-21:00
Mon  09:00-21:00
Tue  09:00-21:00

Passeig de Gràcia, 43
08007 Barcelona


  • Casa Batlló



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