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Explore the work of EVA & ADELE over the last 25 years in their reflective exhibition.


The exhibition space at me Collectors Room in Berlin Mitte is for private art collections, where visitors can find their path to art. On display until the 27th August is the work of artist-couple EVA & ADELE over the last 25 years, under the exhibition title L’AMOUR DU RISQUE. Since 1991 EVA & ADELE have been living together in order to question perspectives, concepts and relationships that are frequently taken for granted. They have created a common conceptual artwork in that, when in the international art world, they must be together, dressed the same and always smiling and define themselves as coming from the future living a radical shared existence to embody their vision for a new definition of gender roles. Their concept of FUTURING displays both courage and audacity in   conveying with energy their ideas to the wherever they appear in the world.

The exhibition therefore explores the concepts which underly the pair’s art and imagery through a comprehensive selection taken from some of their most important groups of work, consisting of various media such as drawing, painting, photography, video, sculpture as well as self-made costumes. These illustrate the transgressive artist existence of EVA & ADELE, the concept also includes objects that have been crafted specifically for the exhibition such as a perfume from Grasse, France and a signed wristwatch by Swatch. A large part of the exhibition focuses on their international work, the extravagant WINGS Costumes from 1992, 1995 and 1997 together with the video works which are based on them and for the very first time all of the costume logbooks will be displayed which consists of 162 sheets! Incredibly within this collection EVA & ADELE have meticulously recorded each outfit a long with its matching pairs of stockings, handbags, umbrellas etc. EVA & ADELE live their performance 24/7 with no beginning and no end every day, proclaiming that ‘Wherever we are is a museum’. This exhibition presents a huge array of their immersive and thought-provoking work, if visiting Berlin before it ends it is definitely worth a visit.

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