We all know February is the month of love. We are on Valentine's Day mood, which means that love, passion, and romance are in the air. In CloudGuide, we have done some history digging, and this month we are bringing you the story of three turbulent and passionate art-world-romances. Are you ready to discover all the secrets about these three mysterious relationships? 💑 


Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera: 

The first artist couple we want to bring closer to you are Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. The Mexican couple went through so many ups and downs in their relationship that soon enough, it got reflected in their art. Kahlo processed numerous adulteries of her husband through her paintings and finally, divorced him in 1939. Nevertheless, despite multiple affairs and quarrels, Kahlo married him again one year later. 


Christo and Jeanne-Claude: 

The relationship between the artist duo Christo and Jeanne-Claude began a bit more harmonious. Their love story started in Paris, the city of love. Christo, the native Bulgarian artist, was living as a refugee in Paris and was hired to paint a portrait of Jeanne-Claude’s mother. Long story short Jeanne-Claude fell in love, followed her heart and broke up with her husband to spend her life together with Christo. Who knows, maybe they were meant for each other and it was no coincidence that they were born on the same day in the same year. Together the artist duo became popular for their large-scale environmental artworks wrapping famous buildings. 


Françoise Gillot and Pablo Picasso:

The third love story, the one of Françoise Gillot and Pablo Picasso began when they both first met in a café in Paris. Although Picasso was having dinner with his mistress Dora Maar, he only had eyes for the 21-year-old Gillot and invited her to visit his studio. In keeping with the motto that three wives are better than only one, Picasso had a love affair with three women at the same time. Despite these circumstances, the young Gillot was very interested in Picasso, but she was still cautious. During their 10-year relationship and two children together, Gillot supported Picasso in his creation of sculptures and works of art. Finally, there was no happy ending because Gillot divorced Picasso. A few years later, she published a book about her experiences with the artist. 💔


We think these are quite surprising stories about relationships between some of the most well-known artists. Can you remember your most exciting love affair?