The Mobile World Congress is one of the most important, global appointment where it happens an huge amount of things, simultaneously. One of them is the 4YFN Four years from now, an event inside The Event focused on innovation in the mobile sector implying as their motto says, disruption in innovation, which is a tautology itself, but anyway,  a must in this case both necessary and suggestive.

4YFN is an arena where start-ups and projects are there under their own leitmotif: How will the transformation of technologies  change our lifes? Organized under three diferent topics DISRUPTED BY MOBILE, INTERNET OF THINGS Y DIGITAL MEDIA, 4YFN is a bowling pot of young talents with great ideas. In our case, CloudGuide is attending relaying on the possibilities of the mobile in the world of culture. Proud to see the work already made but excited about facing what is ready to come...

That's because being a global company, we know that there are, simultaneously, different scenarios with similar problems. In the case of the spanish market, speaking on smartphones and mobile devices, there is a penetration index next to 54% which is the position 15 in the world ranking. Nontheless, there are no good or even many, the difference in qualitative terms is obvious, iniciatives in museums adressed to take a look at this fact as a tool  for their communication strategy. In the international overview, that another win-over.

So we know that there's a long way to run, but we love to be on the this road