Today is the day we should all be getting ready to get on a plane straight to Russia in order to find out more about the new addition to the CloudGuide community! We land in Moscow, the capital of the country, the most populated city, and, the native home of the Multimedia Art Museum.

Devoted to new forms of visual expression (especially contemporary art, photography and new media) this museum was among the first to be opened twenty-three years ago in Russia, with a stated focus in this field.

In the space of eight floor visitors can find the archive room of the museum, a collection consisting of over 80 thousand pictures (including the negatives and prints) and of course, the museum that displays both Russian and foreign innovative artists. To get a better idea let’s turn our attention to the exhibitions currently on display.  

Until the 12th of May it will be possible for  visitors to enjoy both the art of the American photographer Alex Prager with his work “Compulsion” as well as the exhibition ‘ Dreaming. Pirelli Calendar 2019’ by Albert Watson, author of the calendar’s 46th edition as a part of the XI Moscow International Biennnale ‘Fashion and Style in Photography 2019’.

This slick and modern gallery houses on average 3 – 4 exhibitions simultaneously. The great thing is that visitors can enjoy the likes of not only contemporary artists but also photographic art by 20th century artists such as Vladimir Yakovlev and Oscar .

If you are just as intrigued as us about the variety and collection of the Multimedia Art Museum, then the only solution is to physically go and visit it yourself. And while your’re there, why not send home the coolest postcard through the CloudGuide App!