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Belfast Zoo: a closer look into over 120 different animal species!


Do you remember the movie “Zoo”? The historical British film released in 2018 based on the real story of a baby elephant saved during a raid in the First World War?

Well that Zoo was actually based on the ‘Belfast Zoo’ in Northern Ireland – and also based on the brand new addition to the CloudGuide community!

Its journey began in the early 1900’s, a time when the Belfast City Council had their focus set on installing a tram line to promote the local area. In addition, was the creation of a playground and pleasure garden in the hopes of encouraging day trips outside the city center. The garden turned out to be such a great success that after a few years, in 1934, the corporation decided to install a zoological collection on site.

Time did the rest, and what once consisted of 12 acres of land (almost 5 hectares) transformed into the 55 acres (more than 22 hectares) we can now discover onsite today. Visitors have the pleasure of discovering more than 120 different species of animals that call Belfast Zoo their home.

This attraction is considered to be one of the oldest in Northen Ireland, and is now considered to be one of the leading and award winning visitor attractions in the country!

The Zoo is focused on offering a great educative experience and assuring visitors the well being and great amount of care that is put into the animals hosted onsite. They address a particular attention to all the endangered species, organizing different campaigns for the purpose of raising funds for the animals and their natural habitats.

So for all families, animal lovers and enthusiats don’t miss out on the chance of taking your own daytrip to the Belfast Zoo next time you find yourself in beautiful Northern Ireland. When you get there, remember to download the CloudGuide app to accompany you throughout your visit so you can learn all their is to know about the animals and their habit in our interactive tour!

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