Thanks to the support for the modernization and innovation of cultural and creative industries through digital and technological projects from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain, CloudGuide is developing for the second year in a row the Big Data project. This project not only aims to create audience studies based on the behavior of visitors within each participating institution, but in addition, analyze the behavior of visitors in Spanish cultural institutions at both a national and international level.  

The fundamental objective of this project is to provide cultural institutions (museums, monuments and governments) with a digital tool that can be used to better understand visitors in a quantitative and qualitative way as well as offer a proactive solution to an ongoing obstacle facing institutions today - how to better improve their visitors experience. With this report, all participating institutions will receive a personalized study of their audience, containing more than 70 different variables designed to specifically fit the needs for cultural institutions who want to gain a deeper insight on the behavior of their visitors and improve their overall experience inside and outside of their institution.