The pandemic has had a huge effect on the cultural sector. After months of near-total shutdown, the cultural sector is slowly emerging from the crisis worldwide. And what better way to celebrate the reopening than announcing that #MuseumWeek will start on June 7th

More than 6.000 different institutions from all around the globe will come together to share their stories online and interact with culture lovers worldwide. Join us and become a part of this movement! This year's theme is all about creativity and letting the younger generation get in touch with different types of culture using their smartphones.

So why should you join #MuseumWeek? Well, we have a couple of reasons, so hear us out:

First and foremost, #MuseumWeek is the biggest annual cultural online event that gives voice to museums, galleries, foundations, institutions and archives from all over the world. Joining the event allows institutions to meet in a virtual space and create new connections, that can even turn into real contacts or projects, through their stories, collections and thoughts.  Second, participating in #MuseumWeek will help you boost your audience by connecting you with thousands of visitors who are passionate about culture, history and technology. You can even start a dialogue with curious online museum visitors, which will definitely inspire you to find new ways to communicate your cultural heritage! 

Now that you must be sure to join this worldwide festival for cultural institutions, you may have doubts on how to make the most of it. Here you have our hottest tips:

  • Get familiar with this year’s themes and hashtags. In our previous blog post, we told you everything about them. You can check it out here.
  • Prepare the content beforehand and think which hashtag every piece of it fits most. Thus, you can already think on some stories or ideas that you might want to share.
  • Let people know that you will be participating in the event.
  • Verify your Twitter, so your visitors can easily find your account. 
  • Get active on social media (not only Twitter) prior to #MuseumWeek! Create some expectations towards the secrets you are about to spill!

We hope that we have encouraged you to join us in this year’s edition and in a week time we all get to celebrate the tremendous impact that museums make on our daily life! 

Follow #MuseumWeek’s social media channels to make the most of your experience!