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CloudGuide proudly presents the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels!


A fantastic addition to the CloudGuide community and a natural must see for children and adults, the Museum of Natural Sciences is one not to miss when visiting the capital of Belgium! Part of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, this European scientific establishment is considered the top of its kind, holding an astonishing collection of more thanthirty-seven million conserved specimens in its vaults.

With more than sixteen thousand squares meters open to the public year round, it is to no one's surprise that this incredible institute in Brussels welcomes more than 300,000 visitors each year. The most prominent collections at the museum include the Gallery of Humankind, the Gallery of Evolution and the most famous of them all - the Dinosaur Gallery. The Gallery of Humankind is devoted to exploring the human evolution using fossils and modern technology. With life-size three-dimensional reconstructions, visitors can compare their features to those of our ancestor’s hominids who walked this earth seven million years ago. The Gallery of Evolution takes its visitors through billions of years of history, from the first forms of primitive life on Earth to life as we know it today. Based on evolutionary models, the gallery takes us on a trip to the future to imagine how animals might look like fifty-million years from now. The famous Dinosaur Gallery is the biggest of its kind in Europe. It is entirely devoted to the discovery, lives and evolution of dinosaurs. At the end of the nineteenth century, thirty complete dinosaur skeletons were found in a coal mine in Belgium. Today, they form the most famous attraction at the museum along with the replica of the largest Tyrannosaurus rex in the world.

Don’t miss the expansive installations at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels! And when you do go, don't forget to enjoy the museum’s top natural selection exhibits available with video guides on our App!

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