These days we are forced into self-isolation for an important cause of fighting the Covid-19 crisis. Museums, cultural heritage sites and tourist attractions are closed for the same reason: they have no visitors, no revenue and some foresee an unsure future at the moment. To join the fight against the COVID-19 crisis, we are announcing the CloudGuide Support Fund with the aim of supporting cultural and tourist sites in the difficult process of recovery from the current crisis.

With the use of this Fund, CloudGuide will offer Digital Audioguides to selected cultural sites and tourist attractions for free for 2 years.  CloudGuide will develop a full audioguide solution, ready to use for visitors in their own mobile devices and bringing extra revenue to the selected sites. 

The Fund also reserves a part of the funding for institutions that have audioguides already developed and now are in the need of a digital and touch-free platform of communication.

Applications for any of the options are accepted on a rolling basis. Institutions can check the full conditions here.