In a few days, the Digital Culture AC/E Annual Directory, will be shown up to bring the conclusions about the evolution of the digital trends in the world of culture  in Spain. And it's a happy coincidence, as March is devoted in our blog to Museums and TIC's to announce that our Talking on Culture this month will have Najat Tort, a young researcher at the Girona University as our guest, to tell us about her work about Innovation, Turism and TIC 's in Museums of Barcelona.

            At this time, we only can advance that her findings shall not be too different from what the Mobile Survey October 2013 published about the strategies that 175 british cultural institutions deploy within the use of mobil devices, becoming clear once again that Art and Culture trends are getting more and more global.

            Some of the reasons cited by the museums as boosting for the use of these technologies are the posibilities given as providers of complementary contents as well as atractive new experiences  related to the exhibitions. Searching for  new audiences, keeping them well informed and even most important, to wide the access to disabled publics are essential reasons to choose mobile communication. By the other hand, there are walls which make difficult the introduction or implementation of digital channels, some of then as simple as the absence of a wifi access for public visitors in more than 50% of the institutions surveyed or the lack of personal to manage those issues. Strangely enough, budgetary matters are not so important, according to this british report, but the tailoring of the information to the new media and channels in contents as well as tecnologically.

We can't wait to compare this conclusions to what Dra Tort will bring us related to museums in Barcelona, and share it with you all.

Moreover, we are willing to welcome initiatives such as #MuseumWeek, fostered by Twitter to promote museums all around the world like tate, British Museum, Louvre, Museo del Prado or Guggenheim in a challenge to invite cultural institutions to know and talk directly to their audiences. A good way to create communities that this month will be celebrated from Monday 24th to Sunday 30th with a great success, just like in past editions. 

Now the question is Will you join #Museumweek?