CloudGuide is very excited to welcome Miniatur Wunderland to collaborate with us! This wunderful attraction was built by Frederick and Gerrit Braun, two brothers from Hamburg, Germany. Inspired by childhood nostalgia, the brothers made it their mission to build the world’s largest model railway and create a world that would allow men, women and children to dream and be amazed.

The attraction is based in the historic warehouse district in Hamburg, the hometown of the Braun brothers and a key location in Minatur Wunderland. It took 500,000 working hours, a space of 1300m2 and a team of designers, technicians and craftspeople to build this tiny world, which expands through eight sections inspired by different countries including Scandinavia, USA and even the fictional town of Knuffingen. The largest of the Theme Worlds is Scandinavia which stretches a huge 300m2, where you can find highlights such as Wunderland’s biggest structure, the Storebælt bridge, and the elaborate Egeskov Castle. The smallest is Venice which covers only 9m2 but showcases many well-known landmarks such as Doge’s Palace, a jewel of Venetian architecture and an impressive example Wunderlandian architecture.

Apart from Venice which stands alone, the Theme Worlds are all connected by 13km of train track, meaning Wundrlandians and visitors alike can take a journey through the Rocky Mountains and end up in the snowy landscapes of Switzerland in the same day. The technical aspect of Wunderland is just as impressive as the aesthetics. It contains thousands of minute electrical mechanisms and moving parts such as fire engines racing through streets, pigeons flying through squares and gondolas bobbing in the Venice canals, many of which are controlled by push buttons, meaning visitors can actively participate in the day to day life of Wunderland.

CloudGuide can help you to squeeze every drop of wunder out of this experience. We work with museums, galleries and tourist attractions all over Europe with the aim of enhancing the visitor’s experience to make your day enjoyable, memorable and educational. By downloading CloudGuide you can see all the information you’ll need to know about the attraction before you arrive, such as exact location, opening times, accessibility, offers for big groups and travel packages (Miniatur Wunderland has some great deals!) and there’s even a direct link to the website’s ticket page so you can buy there and then. Once inside the attraction you’ll also be able to use our maps to guide you through all eight of the Theme Worlds, with information about each stop along the way. CloudGuide also encourages you to really personalise your experience with a function that allows you to share your opinions, send a postcard and even play a scavenger hunt at the end to test everything you’ve learned and win prizes like discounts in the attraction’s shop!

This truly is an enchanting attraction for people of all ages, so why not hop over to Hamburg and allow CloudGuide to whisk you away on a magical adventure through Wunderland. Download the CloudGuide app and discover the wunderful world of the miniatur wunderland.