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Asia in the heart of Barcelona !


Did you know that the region of Asia and the Pacific holds more than half of all human population!? Or that it adds up to about a third of the world GDP? It’s safe to say Asia is one of the key players in today’s world, however, its culture and customs remain fairly unknown to the Western world and, in a sense, quite distant. That’s where Casa Asia steps in!

Casa Asia was established back in 2001 with the intention to broaden the knowledge and spark further dialogue about Asia in Spain, but also to develop better relations and understanding among the Spanish and Asian societies. The inistitution is located in the beautiful Sant Manuel Pavilion, established within Sant Pau’s Modernist Venue in Barcelona, Spain. The cultural centre hosts Asian-inspired events, projects and displays with the aspiration of becoming home to those interested in building projects in relation to Asia and the Pacific. The Media Library located within Casa Asia is the only center of multimedia documentation in Spain specialized in the area of Asia and the Pacific, holding a collection of more than 17,000 titles, so we’re sure there’s something for everyone. Check the guide on our App to find out more!

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