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Explore the work of artist Stephan Dillemuth being displayed at Lenbachhaus


The Lenbachhaus museum in Munich is currently showcasing the captivating exhibition from German artist and professor Stephan Dillemuth. A former student of the Art Academy in Munich and Dusseldorf Art Academy, Dillemuth works with an array of mediums such as videos, installations, performances and paintings. Intriguingly the root of the artist’s work revolves around his questioning of the role that artists play in the industry and within society. Using the term ‘bohemistic’ to describe his open-ended research method, he explores a range of artistic life such as the German life reform movement, Munichs Bohemia just before the turn of the century and the institution of the art school to uncover their meaning. On display are the current sculptures from the artist as well as early pictures dating from 1979-1984.

Visitors may notice throughout the exhibition two motifs that Dillemuth has used in many contexts, the goat and cogwheel. The cogwheel has appeared in his work over the past 17 years, standing for a small cog in the big machine of the system. The goat on the other hand may represent the artists alter ego or ally. These two subjects come together in the installation The Goat Carousel and is both a personal and systematic object, projecting various works Dillemuth created in the 80’s while in Chicago. One area of the exhibition showcases three examples of work from his time as a student at Dusseldorf, a period when he began painting his so-called Bavarian Paintings in 1979. The paintings are based on regionally specific kitsch postcards of couples and children in traditional dress, which are still in print today.

Lenbachhaus will be housing the exhibition until September 9th, photos and a more detailed insight into the story of Stephan Dillemuth and the displays can be found in the CloudGuide app!

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